fledge capable of flying, from Middle English flegge, from Old English -flycge; akin to Old High German flucki capable of flying,
Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend Getaway

I went to IKEA and only spent $115! I managed to steer clear of ALL impulse buying. Those light up plastic birds almost had me. Almost, just $9.99 for matt plastic birds that lit up blue. But no, I was strong. I was steadfast. I was not swayed. I came for a purpose. I was mind over materialism.

I was with my husband.

That probably had something to do with no matt plastic light up birds among the light bulbs, dish towels and 365+ bowls and dishes.

This is kind of a special time in my relationship with IKEA. Both of my kids are between the magic lines on the tree that measures the heights of the kids allowed to go into the play room. 45 minutes of me time visiting all my Swedish friends: BILI, IVAN ... I can't remember all their names. IKEA and I have spent so little time together recently. My IKEA recently went through a small renovation and--what do I behold?--a sort of café with capuccinos and wraps and sandwiches and apple cake on the second floor. The view includes giant wire crates full of throw pillows and shoe trees, but a café and a capuccino with my husband nonetheless. The kids think we are off inspecting the plates for imperfections or debating light bulb conservancy. But no, not us! We played hooky from our domestic duties! We had apple cake without them. We all need a little time away, a little time to reconnect. While your chair is bumped and pushed by blue shopping carts whose drivers attention has been diverted by the throw pillows, but a getaway nonetheless.

Well, just 20 minutes before we must pick up...pick up ... there was something we needed to pick up. Oh yeah: our kids. Quickly, we scooped up the light bulbs, the dish towels, decided we could do without hand towels, picked up the funky spherical grill we came for and plucked out the two shaggy-headed blonde kids from the ball tank just in time. I hope there were no cake crumbs on me. I don't think the kids noticed anything, did they? Although my son did eye me suspiciously when I said he could go ahead and order the regular-sized portion of meatballs instead of the kids' plate.

Anyway, I rewarded myself for controlling my impulse buying by picking up two pairs of new shoes today.


mooi hoor... said...

haha...two pairs of shoes is definitely better than the birds (even if they were very cute). You can feel good about this!

IKEA oh IKEA - My 4 year old actually regularly asks "when we can go again to that shop. The very big one with the slide".

Oh man, IKEA wears me out. All the refraining, all the people, those heavy carts (+ 2 kids unpacking the porcelain shelves), the dirt (last time I actually had to warn one of the salespeople that there was baby-poo on the floor).

But still...IKEA has it good sides. They have these clever ideas, combining their products in unexpected ways. Quality? Well, too much quality is no fun, is it?
As I understood from your posting you had quality anyway. Together. Eating apple cake. In peace ;)

Bowznstuff said...

oo Nancy you make me jealous. We USED to have this great big ole Ikea store not 5 mintues away. Oh the sweedish meatballs, oh the bottomless cup of crap coffee, oh the whole cafeteria located oh so handily next to the children's section entered by a slide in VIEW of the cafe - oh how I loved that place, oh how I enjoyed reading all those names, pilfering the disposable measuring tapes and weency pencils. And do you know what IT CLOSED. About a year and a half ago and I am YET to come to terms with it. And do you know what is even worse!!! It is being replaced by a car yard - yes a car yard - I mean can a car yard offer a bottomless cup of coffee, a ball room, a plate of sweedish meatballs for the most ludicrously low price - no I don't think so!!!!

Cree :)


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