fledge capable of flying, from Middle English flegge, from Old English -flycge; akin to Old High German flucki capable of flying,
Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will it fly?

Princess Tomato called yesterday. Again, we scratched our heads and wondered how, how, how to make a few ideas a reality. We kept coming up with entry barriers. But for each traditional way of doing business, there seems to be a digital detour around that entry barrier.

I've always wanted an idea garage. A place to tinker with ideas--any idea: New and late models, imports and domestics, high performance and utility ideas--until they can fly on their own. Well, why not pull up the garage door on this bag idea?

See? This bag still needs some tinkering. It's not finished, just held together with pins. You see where I got the idea. I don't know if they even make interfacing stiff enough for what I am aiming for, not for this size bag. I'm also not quite certain about the exact construction. I probably need to add Heat Bond to the interfacing and secure to the outer fabric. How do I get the lining to neatly in those side seams? I should have at least tried to stitch the lining into those sides while topstitching. I'm just not sure.

Any ideas? Even, "Junk it"?

FYI: Fabrics from Heather Ross/Free Spirit.

Seit langem habe ich mir eine Idea Garage gewünscht. Ein Ort, wo frau an Ideen basteln könnte--jede Art von Idee--bis sie von alleine fliegen können. Nun, wie wäre's wenn wir die Garagentor vor dieser Taschenidee hochziehe?

Siehste? Weit entfernt von ausgereift. Diese Probetasche ist lediglich mit Stechnadeln zusammengehalten. Du siehst woher ich die idee her hab'. Ich weiss nicht mal, ob Vlies in der notwendige Stärke produziert wird, nicht für diese Grösse von Tasche. Ein paar Gedanken hätte ich zu der Konstruktion machen sollen. Ich hätte das Klebezeugs auf den Vlies auf bügeln sollen (Klebebeleg? Hier treffe ich auf die Grenzen meiner Fachbegriffkenntnisse) . Und wie hätte ich den Beleg in die Seitennähten einbinden sollen. Probieren vor dem Absteppen hätte ich probieren sollen.

Ideen? Auch "hinschmeissen"?

Zur Info: Stoffe Heather Ross/Free Spirit.


SABINE said...

Nein,nein, nein - mach weiter! Tolle Taschenform! Und so schön gross!

Hier in Deutschland gibt es ein SEHR steifes Vlies namens Schabracken-Einlage, die müsste fest genug sein, um einer Tasche dieser Grösse Stand zu verleihen!

Auf weitere Garagen-Entwicklungen bin ich sehr gespannt!!

GLG, Sabine

mooi hoor... said...

keep the idea garage coming. If you use the heat bond then maybe it's best to glue it to the lining as over time, because of regular use the glue might not hold everywhere and you'll get these small "air bubbles", which is less visible inside the bag...

What about using thin but fairly stiff plastic sheets which you can cut into form and give round corners (as not to destroy the fabric)?

anjana said...

Hi Nancy,

how about that foam stuff our kids love to play with. I don't know if it can be washed though. I think they have big sheets of that stuff at Michael's? Worth a try? You probably have some floating around the house.
Oh and by the way. I need to know Annas waist size, maybe you can measure her please. But please measure under the belly button, so it won't be too tight. I'm trying to finish it this week and it'll be on it's way....smile.


lina peppina said...

Bitte, bitte mach weiter so !! Ich liebe grosse Taschen und bin schon sehr gespannt auf die weitere Entwicklung.
LG, Petra :0))

Kristen said...

love the concept of the idea garage because all of my thoughts and ideas clutter my mind! Sometimes I get an idea in my head and can't stop until I have done it/created it to see if it will work!

ss for your bag have you tried a layer of canvas and then a layer of fusible fleece?

Bowznstuff said...

oooo me likie baggie - mmmmmmmm some sort of millinery product - the type used to make fasinators and those funny little hats that are only a little bit of a hat which is the same stuff used to make big hats and so must be stiff enough for a bag???

Wolkenspiel said...

Oh, himmlische Taschen! Super!

princesstomato said...

LOVE the bags! of course i am no help whatsoever in the sewing department. but, i do love a good brainstorm. i would love hanging out with all you creative grease monkeys in nancy's garage.

(who is signing up for yet ANOTHER blogger account because i keep forgetting my passordS!!!)


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