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Friday, August 17, 2007

Fashionable FAQs

Readers of this blog are probably the only people in the world to agree that a foray into this fashionable part of town in 90-degree weather sounds like a dandy idea. If you are ever in this part of the world, you will likely want a little information on the Fashion District. Here, some fashionable Frequently Asked Questions:

Fashion District FAQs:
1. Is this 100% cotton? Do you have a match?
2. Why is the bald man such a grumpy meanie?
3. What do you mean we're messing up your "system", grumpy bald guy? There's a system?
4. So, it's really, really, really okay to park in front of the sign that says, "Absolutely No Parking. Tow Away Zone"? Really?
5. Is the little guy folding the fabric flirting with Jenny (bottom photo)?
6. Why did Jenny get her fabric for $0.50 less a yard (see FAQ 5.)?
7. How hard could it be to make red-and-white striped interlock? Why does it not exist?
8. Wendy? Wendy? Has anybody seen Wendy?
9. Is that Wendy over there stroking and talking to that black-and-white popelin in a French accent?
10. Lunch? Or trim store? Trim store.
11. Oilily reprint for $1.99/yd? Urban legend or Holy Grail?
12. What is that smell?


Becky said...

I love you ladies, but I FREAKING HATE YOU ALL!! I can't wait to see what treasures you find, and throw me a bone why don't ya? Someone grab an extra yard or two for the Canadian!

Christine said...

You can´t be serious, Missy !! Now that I´m back in Germany, you are showing me the wonderful mile of fabric and trim stores on pictures ?!
Next time I´m in LA, we´ll go shopping in the Fashion District, you hear me !! *LOL*

XOXO, Chris

Diba said...

Sitting here,
reading your shopping-lesson,
looking at your fotos,
looking closer
and feel soooo sick.

Shame on you!!


Sweet Milk Chocolate said...

Bah , I am very disapointed , deaply hurt and absolutly DISGUSTED!! , about the way you treat a friend..
but wait....

anjana said...

I am soooooooooo jealous. I knew you guys would have fun. But did you have to have that much fun?!

What did you do to poor Anna, sat her on the chair as soon as you entered the store?

I can't wait to see what goodies you picked up, I guess I'll have to take a trip to the city before school starts. Today would have been the perfect day we had low 70 here, but nooooooooooo husband refused. His comment: "What do you need me there for? Oooooooooh I know, I have to carry bags." Our comments were: " Well, you're really good at it though"

Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Kristen said...

maybe if I get on my bike and start pedaling now I cen et there before the snow flies...I am drooling over the goodies I glimpsed in your photos...I need to find a knowledgable sort to take me to the fabric district in NYC!


Miss K.P.-Ness said...

Down the street from the fabric district is the toy district where you can entertain Anna for under 15.00 it seems everything in the toy district is 5.00- as your friend knows, if you let someone flirt with you- you may get a toy for 4.00.
In the alley of the toy district are the best street tacos you can eat. Delicious! They are served with cabbage and that yummy crumbly mexican cheese...
I hope to also take a field trip with you before school starts my friend!


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