fledge capable of flying, from Middle English flegge, from Old English -flycge; akin to Old High German flucki capable of flying,
Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make? Or Buy?

Make! Of course. But Buy is good, too. Especially when it's this good.

I wear hats. Daily. I don't wear hats to be fabulous. I'd much prefer not to be fabulous. I wear hats, because I live in a very sunny place and I am outside as much as I possibly can be. Hats are practical. I wear them for practicality only. But I won't wear a stupid hat. I refuse to be stupid-looking. Therefore, if my hats must be fabulous, then being fabulous is the cross I must bear.

These hats are fabulous. Some of the best hats I've ever had. For so many reasons. And I have had some fabulous hats. These designs can be worn so many ways, each more fabulous than the other. Have a look at this Etsy store. Possible side effects include admiring glances and too much fabulousness for the less-than-fabulous to tolerate.

Make? Or buy? Selbermachen, natürlich. Wobei Kaufen auch nicht schlecht ist. Vor allem wenn die Sachen so schön sind.

Ich trage Hüte. Täglich. Ich trage Hüte nicht um fabelhaft zu sein. Nein: Ich möchte lieber nicht fabelhaft sein. Ich trage Hüte, weil ich in einer sehr sonnigen Gegend wohne und sooft wie möglich auch draußen bin. Aus rein praktischen Gründen trage frau Hut. Aber doofe Hüte setze ich nicht auf. Nein: Doofaussehend werde ich nicht sein. Von daher, wenn meine Hüte fabelhaft sein müssen, dann fabelhaft sein ist das Kreuz, das ich zu tragen habe.

Diese Hüte sind fabelhaft. Einige der besten, die ich jemals gehabt habe. Und ich habe sehr schöne gehabt. Diese Designs können auf sovielen verschiedenen Arten getragen werden, jedesmal anders und jedesmal noch fabelhafter. Hier das Etsy-Shop. Mögliche Nebenwirkungen sind neidische Blicke und Untoleranz seits der wenigen Fabelhaften.

And a bit of gloating. I like my funny cast iron gingerbread man maker thing. It looks pretty old. But maybe it was in the 2004 Williams Sonoma catalog. Who knows? And I did catch this gingerbread man much more easily than expected. Really, much more easily than I should have. Winning Ebay bid: $1.04.  Well, maybe the other people on Ebay know something I don't: Maybe my gingerbread men will run away.

Und nun freue ich mich leider ein wenig hämisch. Diese alte gußeiserne Backform habe ich für schlappe $1.04 auf Ebay gewonnen. Vielleicht wussten die anderen Ebayer etwas: Vielleicht doch laufen mir diese Männchen vom Backofen dann weg.

Und ein Appell: Wer hat einen vernünftigen Lebkuchenrezept?


Share The Love Photography said...

Those hats are definitely fabulous and you are fabulous for wearing them! :D

Diggin' the gingerbread man too!

Sara said...

You are so right about hats. That explains why I rarely wear a hat. I don't have a fabulous one. And I really need to wear a hat living in Australia.

Kiki Maraschino said...

Oh my God...I lust after those little spice boxes!!!

Melissa said...

Wow, those are some beautiful hats. Congrats on the eBay steal, that always makes me smile when I get a good deal.

wondermommy said...

Those hats are extrordinary. That is fab etsy shop. Love them all!

That is the cutest gingerbread pan, too!

Nic said...

i have never managed to pull off hat wearing with panache. but now i can see my mistake: i was settling for less-than-fabulous hats. these are mahvelous (yes, you do have to say it that way) dahling.

Eva said...

Boah....I LOVE these hats..I used to wear quite a lot of hats, but now I've settled for caps...;)

...still want a Lebkuchenrezept???? Because: SURE I HAVE ONE...I'm German, so is my mom...and my gradma...and my greatgrandma. (and so on...).. so you're up for a traditional, handed down through generations HänselundGretellike Lebkuchen?...;)
(Have to ask fist...because Lebkuchen always takes a little longer to write down..:)


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