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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's going to happen.

The same instant the ultrasound technician announced "girl", I knew this was coming. Sure as the labor a few months later, I knew I'd end up here a few years later.

Of course, I resisted. What can I say? Of course, I understand the whole overpriced thing and the whole "it's just a doll" thing and the whole "Target has similar ones for twenty bucks" thing. I get it. And yet, we got Julie. I like to think my mother, who passed away many years ago, bought this doll for Anna. She would have loved doing that for her granddaughter. So, in my mind, she did. She was whispering in my ear to go ahead and give the girl a special gift from her grandmother.

And look at all the pretty little American girls and their pretty little American Girl dolls.

And Julie has been lovingly received by her dolly mommy. 

Girls, American and otherwise, rock.


anjana said...

Hello Nancy,

I think Julie suits Anna perfectly.

Sasha never liked dolls, she actually told me they're creepy the way they look at you.

But of course I also tried getting her to play with dolls. Oh well, she likes drawing.

It looks like Anna and her friends had a blast in the store.


Yvonne said...

.. and she picked the coolest doll in my opinion :)

Corie said...

We 'do' AG here too, along with 'no name' outfits :-) Hey, girls will be girls.

Would you mind sharing which pattern you used... did you use one... for Anna's cool 'dud's'?


Doekedoeke said...

Ohhh Mirthe would love the Americain Dolls... unfortunately they are not for sale in Holland!
Your doll is super!
With love from Holland, Chantal

Benito said...

My cousin Sonja, who is Ed's daughter, was big into the American Girl stuff when she was much younger. For Chuck's famed "9 Year Old Trip" with each of the grandkids, Sonja chose Chicago, and they had an obligatory stop at the big American Girl Cafe/Museum/Extravaganza.

Yes, we teased Chuck about it.

Sara said...

I am NOT showing Mollie this!

I don't think I will show her Grandma either because before you know it my mom would buy her an AG doll. So yes, your mother bought that doll for Anna because that is what her grandmother would want to do!


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