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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Okay, we'd better go to the Emergency Room.

Without fail, anytime one of my children becomes a little too ill for my comfort, it's between 5:00 pm Friday evening and midnight on Sunday. The viruses that visit our home do not keep doctors' office hours.

And this weekend was no different. Sunday evening at around 8 pm, her temperature would not go below 103ºF (39.5ºC), but more than that, her breathing was very, very rapid and shallow and her heart was beating like she was running a marathon.

Okay, pack her up: I'm going to the ER.

Good thing, too. Her blood oxygen levels were pretty low.

After a hospital stay of two nights, she's back and doing much, much better. And antagonizing and teasing her brother to no end. Yep, she's pretty much back to her old self. Welcome home, babe.


Yvonne said...

Oh how scary! I am glad she is back to her happy self :)

nicoleboxer said...

Liebe Nancy,

ich wünsche euch ganz dolle alles allea Gute....

GLG Nicole

KyMaRaMi said...

Liebe Nancy,
auch von mir ein "ganz festes Daumen drücken" für euch!

Ganz liebe Grüße Linda

Chris said...

Oh my god, how scary!

I know how you felt. Do you remember when Sonja had the kissing disease last year? We were in the exactly same situation. High temperature, shallow breathing, "running" heart and she suddenly couldn't see anymore. Everything was black.

I'm sooo glad Anna is feeling better now !!!!!!

♥BUNTIG_Svenja said...

auch von mir gaaanz schnelle...gute besserung...mönsch arme maus...und was für ein schrecken... man/frau bekommt....
drück euch ;O)


Jo said...

Oh je da macht ihr was mit...Wünsch der kleinen schnelle gute Besserung!!

Ganz lieben Gruß

mooi hoor... said...

chills. and it#s true: always over the weekend. Good to read sh's doing a lot better!

Vani+Max said...

auch von hier Gute Besserung und das deine Tochter wieder schnell FIT ist.

viele Grüße Heike

Corie said...

whew! What a weekend. I'm sorry that she was so sick and grateful that she's back to her normal antics.

Frunnik said...

I'm sorry to read that she was so sick.
Great that she is already feeling better.
It feels to bad when one of youre kids are ill.
I wish you all the best!

anjana said...


What is going on out there in Ca?

Little Anna in that big bed looks veryyyy scary!

Good she's feeling better.

We have yet to see an ER from the inside, and trust me when I tell you that I am very grateful for that.

Sasha is already scared just thinking about a hospital.

Give Anna our love and tell her to start eating better so her little body gets lots of good stuff....smile.


Missy said...

Oh my, oh my...I'm so glad she's mending. Big Hugs for two from Michigan!

Fledgling said...

Danke für die lieben Kommentare und Wünsche. Die helfen! Bin fest 'von überzeugt: Die guten Wünsche helfen.

Thank you for your warm wishes. Your good vibes help--I'm positive they really do!


Eileen said...

oh poor baby!! So glad she's alright.

stinkypeteandcompany said...

Oh Nancy, those photos of that little Anna squeeze too tight my heart.
Poor thing.
Poor you.
Glad everyone is on the mend.

Soonshine said...

Schön dass Ihr wohlbehalten wieder zu Hause seid....gglg Jaike

Sara said...

Oh the late at night and weekends thing is so true!

I'm glad Anna is all better.

Nic said...

OMG... this is scary!!!

so hoping the little one is completely through with it by know.

send you some big hugs... everyone of you! xoxo...

Steffi said...

Oh no,that´s sounds not so good!I hope your little Anna feels soon much better!

Best wishes,Steffi


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