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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Make it! Take it! Unique L.A.

So, yep, I was at Unique L.A. yesterday. Very, very fun. It's like Etsy in 3D!

I did a little Make It! Take It! (See previous post). Oh, lordy, I learned a lot. A lot of what not to do at a Make It! Take It! Next time, K.I.S.S. ...

But fun and so much fun to be with my fellow authors and such a fun crowd. (I said "fellow authors"... kinda stuck up, eh? I'll say, "fellow other gals who also happen to have a book with their name on it...")

Craft fairs, it should be learned, need not be relegated to the realm of ancient school gymnasiums and fluorescent-lighted and acoustic-tiled community centers. Baby, a craft fair belongs in the penthouse. The venue for Unique L.A. is just that, the 13th floor of the California Market Center, exactly where the grooviest creations west of the Mississippi belong. Grogeous views, lots of natural light...

A little "I love L.A." Lunada skirty pants revival, just for the show. I could have sold these silly pants 20 times over. But my girl likes 'em, so they are priceless, ya' hear? I'll get her to show off for my camera later for the complete 411.

I'm throwing down: West Coast crafters are the cutest! Oh, yeah, I said that! Big windows all around the venue with views across sunny L.A.--how's them apples?

This is the face of enthusiasm. Really, it is.

Stefanie Girard of "Sweater Surgery" fame. She also hosts Craftside and is a joie de vivre force to be reckoned with. I highly recommend her book: You will never look at those sweaters relegated to the very bottom of the dresser drawer the same again. That *cough* lovely *cough* cardi your mother-in-law gave you three years ago for Christmas? Girl, enough time has passed: Tell Mother that your favorite sweater got a hole in the sleeve from just so. much. wear. *fingers-crossed-behind-back* and slice up that sucker to make a purse, a shrug, a hat, a better sweater, a vase...in Stephanie's capable hands, I'm sure she could turn an old sweater into a bicycle or a...a time machine!

And this is Barbe St. John of "Steampunk Style Jewelry". What is "Steampunk," you ask? I'm not certain, but I think it has its origins in a highly technological parallel universe, which, however, does not have the benefit of semiconductors. Occasionally, some of their fascinating technology lands within our realm and because we are not sure how to use it, often, we wear it as jewelry. Lovely jewelry at that. (I have my suspicions, that Barbe is able to travel between to the other side of the wormhole, and shows trendsetters there how to make cool earmuffs out of calculators...).

These snickerdoodles are magic: They contain the magic element of patience. I fed one to each of my children and they behaved marvelously the whole day. Not to self: Must get the recipe.

Amoeba Music spun the tunes. At my age, I really shouldn't be dancing outside of my own living room with the curtains tightly drawn, but dang it, the dude was spinning my kinda music.

Um, like, YEAH, we need these socks, Mom! (Pronounced: "MAH-ah-AH-ah-AH-MMMmmmm! Whining works). A pair of "evil" socks and a pair of "nerd" socks and a pair of "genius" socks to mix and match in different combinations. (He also got his "I'M A NINJA t-shirt", to make "Evil Ninja Nerd" a possibility. Make that "probability").

Unique L.A. is still going strong today, so get on down there! I won't be there today...snickerdoodle magic doesn't last for two days...


TeenaBugg38 said...

LMAO@ evil ninja nerd!!! he sounds JUST like my 12 year old!!!! Looks like the trip was sooo much fun! I would love a weekend get a way like that!! LA would never be the same...no would I am sure!!!

Yvonne said...

Uuh those socks are worthy a whine or two! I am glad you had a great time!

{Nic} Nicole Hildebrandt said...

oh.... looks like you were having a great TIME! :)))

ok, your son not so very much... but hey... das leben ist kein ponyhof! *lol*


Crafty Mama said...

Awesome!!! That's it...I'm flying over next year for this!! :)

Cara said...

Hi there
I don't know how else to contact you but I wanted to let you know that we are giving away a copy of your book 'sewing clothes kids love' on our blog www.vincens.typepad.com/craftsforboys Just thought that you might like to know and maybe spread the word. thanks


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