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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you got an itch...

...scratch it.

These past few days have been about some soccer mama drama and draconian classroom "policies" and out-of-touch educators: Itches right there in the middle of the back or just under the first layers of skin, places where you can't really effectively reach them. Tiny things, really, but these things crawl and bite and keep you awake at night.

I'm a grown-up. I know that I need to do a little bending over backwards to come to new solutions...

...some sort of peace Pilates.

But sometimes when I stretch, I pull something and then I can't move. After having kids, I've lost some of my flexibility. I don't think I can scratch my eyebrows with my toes.

Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours! Got any irks lately?


Tabitha said...

I have heard about that soccer mama drama lol...we are hopefully coming to the conclusion of months of swimming parent drama lol...I figure all I can do is giggle and keep my head up and tell the truth and wade through all the muck to the other side lol...I consider my itch scratched!

Jen said...

I used to be able to put my feet on my forehead like that!!

I have "getting-to-school-on-time" drama from the Assistant Principal, who constantly calls me to tell me that my oldest was late to school - again. I keep trying to tell them that she was just diagnosed with inattentive ADD and that her meds aren't regulated yet but that doesn't seem to make a difference. "Make her a checklist", he says. Yes, that's nice, but it doesn't matter if she has a checklist when she can't focus on the checklist! I consider it a victory if she gets to school 5 minutes or less late and I keep telling myself, "the end of the school year is coming".

Chris said...

what would life be without drama ? booooring ;O)

but of course you are right. there are certain drama in life one could do very well without. maja was bullied a couple of times by a third grade student. so not funny. my little tomboy who's not easily scared, was so afraid, she refused to go to school with her friend by herself. i had to bring both of them every morning and pick them up after school for weeks :O(

Lola Nova said...

Well, since you asked...

*Health Insurance
*Inexperienced occupational therapists who use a compression vest on your child without even talking to you, the parent, about it first. (Immense gratitude goes to the best teacher in the world for reading said therapist the riot act)
*and this middle-age plumpness that seems to have settled about my middle... that will not be banished no matter how much butter and cheese I eat.

*Sweet*Caroline* said...

Here, a virtual back scratch!
And please, I need mine desperately - got so many itches.....

xo, sabine


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