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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Monday, August 16, 2010

A peek!



You likey?

Then me makey sewing pattern!

Tell me whatcha think!
And please give the girl some props for letting me put hydrangea on her head.


michal said...

I love it!
The design, the dress, the child - all are amazing!

jolijou said...

me wanty pattern!! muchy! but please tell me you didn't patch that fabric yourself(y)....
x andrea

zauber-a said...

Oh my goodness, likey isn't the word! that dress is FABULOUS!!!! I agree with andrea though, you didn't patch it yourself, did you?! WOW!!!

Kathryn said...

Me, me, me! Gorgeous dress!

Lyssan said...

Absolutely lovely!
And the flowers look gorgeous.

rebecca said...

Oh please ... makey, makey, very quicky!!! Me wanty wanty :-)

Herzliche Grüße,

Tabitha said...

Like...love...love the flowers, like a floral princess leia!

jhelene said...

Ok, that dress is wonderful. So beautiful! A pattern is definitely needed!!!!

Lola Nova said...

Mad props to the girl with the Frida hydrangeas!
And super crazy cool goodness to you for the magical dress! Not only do I likey, I adore!
I have been working up a patchy dress too, only I'm still in the piecing of patches phase at the moment, it could just as easily turn into a quilt though.
A pattern yes please and thank you.

Ruth said...

Oh I can't wait for the pattern! The 8 year old little girl can't wait either. Mad props for letting hydrangeas be stuck in her hair! You go girl.

Debbie said...

Awesome dress and really cool hat. ;)

Crafty Mama said...

Anna, you look adorable :)

Nancy...loving this dress~!

Maureen said...

Beautiful Dress! Same question as so many others -- did you patchwork the fabric?

Fledgling said...

Thanks, friends!

The fabric...no, no, did not patchwork that material myself.

But, yes, some industrious individual DID patch all those squares some 40 years ago, I'd guess. I took it from a thrift store skirt. A skirt, I should mention, created long before the proliferation of tiramisu and guacamole and such things in the United States. There is clearly not an American alive outside of an eating disorders clinic that could have possibly worn that skirt today. So under the rotary cutter with thee! And props to that mad sewist of yore!



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