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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Give me a break

I've had a nesting bug for a while. When I was younger and traveling so much, my apartment? Meh--whatever. But now, I spend hours and hours and days and days in these walls. And I'm not really groovin' on my digs. Part of the problem, is that some of my favorite pieces are antiques I brought back from Europe. At the time, I thought I'd live my whole life in Europe. But here I am, in sunny SoCal. And European antiques three blocks from the beach? It kind of looks like wearing a cocktail dress to a football game. Although, I've heard in Southern states, that is perfectly acceptable. Anyway, I want to sweep out the Old World dust and sprinkle some New World sand and bit-by-bit beach it up in here.

And I wanted to try my hand at oil paints. I like the three-dimentionality of the stuff. It's like painting with frosting (just don't lick your fingers). I traced a photograph I took down at Swami's of these four guys looking for a good break, frosted away and let some colors burst. It's kind of tricky stuff, but you never know 'til you try, right?

I think the painting helps beach it up in here. But look, don't touch. It's still pretty sticky. I'm pretty sure they don't let you touch oil paintings in museums, because they're still drying.

This is my first attempt at capital-A-hang-it-on-a-wall-Art and oil paints, too. So, give me a break. Which is also the title of this piece.

Give Me A Break, 2011

And speaking of capital-A-Art, follow this link and click through the videos of this talented young singer. I guarantee, whatever you are doing right now--checking emails, reading blogs (yes, you are!), dying Easter eggs, spring cleaning--whatever it is, it will be better with this Jaymee Dee and her guitar and her voice accompanying your day. I know, I know: Katy Perry's Firework? For real? Give me a break. Just try it. Never know 'til you try.


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Wow you are talented in so many ways. I really love the picture it reminds me of days back in Australia.

Crafty Mama said...

Love it Nancy, gorgeous painting!

nic said...

i'm partial to oils for the same textural reasons (and now i'm bound to have a good giggle next time i'm standing before a 'do not touch' sign at a museum). yours is the perfect rectangle of beachiness.

also? jayme dee is honeyed sun. my, has that girl got some chops.

alsoalso? i may have to run off with your pumpkin chair. it's making eyes at me.

Pomona said...

Love the painting - and great to discover your blog!

Pomona x

mooi hoor... said...

Huh? Waah? How come I didn't notice this post before? Love your beachy-ness oil painting. It's wonderful Nancy!

I have some empty walls over here in good old Europe that could do with a bit of SoCal flair in the form of a Nancy painting!


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