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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I am nuts and bolts for you, Valentine!"

These are simple Valentines for Anna's classmates. This is a project you can do together with your little one. I mean, who doesn't like robots?


 I went ahead and had a rubber stamp made from my line drawing of a robot (I used Simon's Stamps and they were really fast). Anna ink stamped some card stock tags and added a bit of robot candy. Everything is held together with a nut and bolt (get it? "I'm nuts and bolts for you"...? 'Cause they're robots? Right...?).


Here's everything we used. Anything you can find with a cardboard back that hangs in a store display from those sticking out wire pokey thingies ("peg hooks"--thank you, Google) would make a good Valentine goodie. The hole reinforcements are a good idea if you are punching holes into whatever you are adding to the card, like these robot candy packs we found on Oriental Trading. For Anna's teacher, we used a longer bolt and slid on a stack of supplies she regularly asks for.



If you'd like to make Valentines similar to these, click HERE or the image above for a PDF of the tags, which you can print out onto cardstock, cut out and punch.

Card stock (red maybe? pink? light blue?)
Ribbon (optional)
A goodie (optional)

Have fun!


mooi hoor... said...

Love this, with all the details. If you don't feel like designing children's clothes anymore, than go into the stamp business - Your illustration is great!

Jen said...

Nancy. You're a genius. Total.

Miss you!

Sampson and Lorrie said...

What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing. :)


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