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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving Thanks



Does anyone here remember the sit com "Three's Company"? Stupid 80s stuff, but do you remember Stanley Roper? Anyway, Mr. Roper was this lecherous landlord, who flirted with the hot young things renting his apartments while rebuking the amatory advances of his wife Helen. Mr. Roper, in other words, got hot in the wrong ways at the wrong times in the wrong places.

Much like my stove, also named Mr. Roper.



As such, cooking is not much my thing. But Thanksgiving is the one holiday, much like dear Helen Roper, on which I have to get it on with Mr. Roper as best I can, for better or worse.

With Mr. Ropers's assistance, we've continued our Thanksgiving traditions this year again:

Tradition 1: I burned the apple pie.
Tradition 2: I did not defrost the turkey long enough and opt for Cornish game hens *ahem* "personal poultry".
Tradition 3: Toss the leftovers and head out of town for two days of no cooking.



Thank you, dear friends, for sewing, sharing, caring and being plain groovy.

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late, yeah, but I'm still grateful).

I'd be grateful for any new gas range recommendations you might have, too!


Lola Nova said...

Great illustration and pics! I am grateful for you too!

As for ranges, I recommend a Viking or a Wolf. that is if you have nothing but money to burn. When real life shatters those dreams...we bought a super budget Frigidaire when we remodeled our closet, I mean kitchen in 2005. One, because it was a cheap and fairly nice looking gas range, and two, because it was the only full size range small enough to just fit in our kitchen. We have been pretty happy with it considering the low price. No issues (except a small fire that was entirely human error and not due to equipment, oops).

After this year of marathon cooking and hosting, we have decided that next year we are going out for Chinese.

Jen said...

I, too, love the pics at the shore. The card is super cute, too.

Having just bought our own house this summer I am finally able to escape the shackles of electric stoves placed on me by ignorant landlords. *grin* Our gas stove is also a Frigidaire and it handled Thanksgiving with the in-laws quite nicely. They're fairly reasonably priced, I think. I'd give an arm and a leg for a Viking range but alas, I haven't won the lottery yet.

Spatchcocking a turkey can sometimes save it even if it isn't totally defrosted. It can't be totally frozen, though. We did ours that way this year and it takes so much time out of the cooking process.

Fledgling said...

@ Alex: (Thank you for your email, btw *smooch*) Wolf or Viking? Yes! Except there would be no money left to buy food...which kind of defeats the purpose of having a stove...

@ Jen: "Spatchcocking"! That is my new favorite word. I'm going to pepper my speech with that word. "Spatchcock those socks off the floor right now!" "Spatchcock the volume down,please." But does it mean something dirty? I hope it does ;-P

Frigidaire: Okay, I'll take a lookie-loo. But "Frigidaire" doesn't sound like a stove name, does it? "Viking". "Bosch". Even "Samsung". Those are stove names!

Jen said...

LOL! My husband tried to use that word as much as he could on Thanksgiving, until his mother told him it was enough. Spatchcocking a turkey (or a chicken) means that you cut the backbone out and then turn it breast side up and sort of press down on the breast to flatten it, CPR-style. It cuts cooking time way down because then both sides of the turkey are exposed to the heat. You can put veggies underneath it for added flavor; we used carrots, onion, garlic and a bit of celery, plus fresh rosemary and thyme. Anyway, I can now roast a chicken for dinner on a week night if I spatchcock it - it takes about 45 minutes.


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