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Thursday, February 14, 2013



It's been forever, right? This is my first new pattern in forever. It's like this: I don't set out to design sewing patterns. If I put my mind to it, I could do that. But my mind is other places these days. What happens is, I work on things I think my girl will like. And she's getting older. Just last year, she was head-to-toe in all our own designs. This year, she's preferring jeans and All-Stars and her soccer team warm-up jacket. And that's fine. That's good, in fact: She's her own person.

But once in a while, she and I can agree on a new idea, that just isn't out there yet. And this idea this time is Malibu.

Malibu is a wasp waisted eight-gore suspender skirt in two lengths. The patch pockets stand out a bit and create an architectural element. There is a lot of seaming, so that offers lots of ideas for bold topstitching. Accentuate the vertical lines. Or the horizontal ones. Or both! If your girl like belts, add the belt loops and this is a great skirt to show off your favorite belts.

It is reminiscent of the 1950s and like 1950s designs, this pattern has darts, a zipper, buttons... Yeah, it's more of an intermediate sewing pattern.


Fabric: Cotton/Linen mix - courtesy Banberryplace.com


Lange her, nicht wahr? Der erste neue Schnittmuster in ewigen Zeiten, nicht? Es ist wie folgt: Ich versuche nicht, neue Schnittmuster zu erstellen. Ich versuche, neue Ideen zu finden, die meine Tochter gerne tragen würde. Sie wird älter. Und der Geschmack änderte sich; nach meiner Kalkulation, innerhalb eines Augenblickes war sie nicht mehr mein kleines Mädchen. Vor einem Jahr trug sie nur die selbstentworfenen Kleider; heute lieber Jean und die Fußballtrainingsjacke. Ist auch gut so: Sie wird die eigene Person. Ab und zu jedoch erfinden wir doch etwas, das es nicht im Shopping-Mall gibt. Zum Beispiel dieser Rock Malibu.

Malibu erinnert an die 50iger Jahre und ist ein Wespentaillierster Trägerrock mit acht Bahnen. Die etwas nach außen stehenden Taschen ergeben einen architektonischen Effekt. Hat Dein Mädl coole Gürtel im Schrank, nähe doch die Gürtelschlaufen an. Der Rock kann in zwei Längen genäht werden, oder auch in Beiden als doppellaggiger Rock. Mein Girl bevorzugt die kürzere Version. Die vielen Teilen erlauben viele, viele Stoffmixmöglichkeiten. Ich werde demnächst auch ein paar Anleitungen online erstellen um z. B. ein Kleidversion zu nähen und andere Taschenvarianten. 

Demnächst bei Farbenmix.de!



Fabric: Rayon suiting tartan


Fabric: Rayon



Fabric: Cotton percale and cotton twill -- Banberryplace.com



Jen said...

Ooh - I'm excited. The 158/164 might fit Maeve. And I can always grade up slightly. She's in that in-between stage too, clothes-wise. Not really into fashion, it's hard for me to make her anything these days. I think she'd totally wear this, though. And if not, her little sister would be all about it.

Lola Nova said...

Holy Cow that's awesome! I think I actually made an "eeek" type sound out loud which is not like me. Imma gonna go get it!

Lola Nova said...

Oh and the shirts are super cool too!

Crafty Mama said...

Fantastic Nancy!!! I need some..STAT!! ;)

Unknown said...

die sind allesamt so toll!
ich habe sie schon bewundert und weiß, dass ich für meine tochter mindestens einen nähen werden muss!

großartiger schnitt.

ich freu mich drauf!

♥liche grüße, doro K.

Esseline said...

Cool pattern and cool examples!
Groetjes, Esseline

Schnickschnack said...

Wow, my daughter like this skirt and the Longsleeve Shirt, wich pattern is that?
Greetings fom germany

Tiffany W said...

I am very excited to see another pattern from you. I love patterns that can transition with my daughter as she grows into different stages. This one is perfect for that. I can't wait order.

Fledgling said...

Hello All!

Thank you for your kind enthusiasm! I am working on writing the English instructions right this very minute.

The shirt is an idea, which has not translated to a pattern well, because it needs to fit juuust right, and depending on your knit, can just be too loose. I am planning on writing some online instructions on the sleeves and neckline that you can use with most any good, basic top pattern (I started this with QUIARA, if I am not mistaken). It is more a matter of sequencing the steps than real pattern drafting, so I'll get on that, too!

Have a great day!

Sacha la Bastide said...

Wow! Well done!!! I love this skirt, so versatile! Perfect for the age where they no longer want their dresses particularly romantic with ruffles at every seem. :-) No I only need to `sell' it to my 10-year-old... or just buy it anyhow and wait until she'll like it. With two daughters growing up, one of is bound to, no? ;-)

Kind regards,
Sacha (zolderwerk.les-bastides.nl)

ps: and it would be wonderful to get some pointers for the shirt (or at least the collar) too, idd!


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