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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Times are a changin': New Studio Tantrum Shop


Well, it's high time I got a groovier online shop going. And so, slated for November 4th, I will move my ZenCart online shop over to a SquareSpace site. Since switching servers can take up to 72 hours, the shop may closed for moving. We will also be having a moving sale, which I don't think you will want to miss.

But more than a new site, I am bringing in a lot more energy to the shop. That energy, renewable and sustainable, is none other than our dear friend, Jen Coe. You may know Jen from her days operating Fabric Bliss, one of the best online fabric shops of the time. One of Jen's daughter's developed an extremely rare and very debilitating condition, which, among other things, made the Phoenix, Arizona gal allergic to sunshine.  Of all things to be allergic to in Phoenix, it had to be sunshine, am I right? At any rate, Jen closed the Fabric Bliss shop to devote herself to healing dear Kennedy.

Fast forward to a coupla months ago, when Jen emails me and says she wants to help me. "Fine," I say, "I've lost the wind in my sails, but she's not sunk yet, so climb aboard!"

The reason my online shop has lost steam is all because of me. The Internet has grown and changed since the days when I could post a single photo of a sewing pattern and the orders would come streaming in. Now, it's all about Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and elite tiers of the bloggosphere, with which I have not kept pace. A good idea is not good enough anymore. I need to change with the times. I, frankly, am not a very enthusiastic self-promoter. In addition, there have been times in recent years when I have become so frustrated with my designs being mass manufactured, that I really lost heart. And this business is all heart, let me tell you. And if my heart isn't in it, I am de facto out.  I would spend more time and money with lawyers than with designing. And who wants to do that?

But, thanks to Jen's indefatigable enthusiasm, good humor and belief in this work, we're patching up the leaks in this sinking ship, sometimes with chewing gum, and keeping her afloat. It helps that Jen is a bit crazy: I mean, she made Minecraft quilts for her kids. I hope you will sign up for her newsletter: It promises to be at times irreverent, at times informative, and always full of surprises.

The hope is to make the new shop true to my mission statement, which is basically these three interdependent principles:

Have fun.
Make money.
Do good.

As for No. 3, we will be making ePatterns available for download, most or all of the proceeds of which will benefit charity. I have two in the works right now, which I hope to have ready for purchase in plenty of time for holiday sewing.

For my wholesale customers, I hope you will like the new shop and level of customer service. For the rest, we will be rolling out retail purchasing soon.

Stay tuned.


Lola Nova said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Excellent news. I wish you the greatest success and a re-energizing of your creative spirit! I'll be on the watch for the new shop and spread the word on all fronts.

Yup, times have changed. I find my own enthusiasm waning, but trying to breathe some life back into it.

Wishing you and Jen all the best!

Angela said...

This is such wonderful, wonderful news! On twitter last Friday while chatting about using ribbons (using hashtag #fabricchat), I mentioned you as my inspiration for sewing with ribbons! Your stylish and creative designs are missed by lots of us and you have so many fans who will help you if you are not into self-promotion :-)
x Angela

wendy barth said...

You have inspired me since my girls was just 2 years old and she is now 9! Don't forget all the moms that are now sewing your designs just for their little girls or boys because of the unique awesome style you have! I am so glad you are keeping the ship afloat!!


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