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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sometimes the book is better than the movie

Sometimes I just want to sew. The El Porto "journey-is-the-destination" bag is a great project to just get your sew on. It takes two, maybe three good sessions to get the thing all done. But sewing El Porto is not about the amount of work, necessarily. To me, sewing is kind of like reading a book: Sure, you can watch the movie and you've got the plot, the characters, the costumes, the set design, the whole shebang all done for you in an hour and 42 minutes. Awesome.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the book is better. I mean, the act of actually reading the book. Stealing away a few minutes to read here and there and, in-between stolen reading moments, the thinking and wondering want might come next. That's what sewing is like for me. Will it turn out how I imagine? Will this look good? What if I do this instead? Piece by piece a project like El Porto comes together with creative plot twists and turns of your choosing as you make it.

Summer is around the corner. This bag holds just about everything you'll need for a day at the beach or sightseeing in Rome.

This is a fun project to mix and match and use up scraps. I have a tiny bit of this crazy fabric salvaged from some old swim trunks.

If you've made an El Porto, I'd love to see it!


Jen said...

I've had the pattern for a while but haven't gotten around to sewing it. I HAD intended to make a dance bag for Maeve with it but then my husband bought her a bag that she adores and which quickly became the dance bag. So I started thinking about making a bag for my younger daughter, Gwyneth, to use for gymnastics. So that's the plan, but I also started going to ballet class and need a bag - my old dance bag has holes in it. So I have plans to hopefully make 2 El Porto bags in the next few weeks.

Jeannette said...

I made it a long time ago and haven't come around to making it again. Here's my try on the pattern. The zipper is broken so I don't use the bag anymore sadly. http://www.mamajetje.blogspot.nl/2009/12/el-porto.html
I love your version! Fun idea to use up an old swimming trunk (or something)
Greetings from Holland!
XOXO Jeannette

wendyb said...

I made 2 of them and on one I used my son's star shorts he had outgrown for the side pocket paired with my old jeans that had worn so thin I couldn't wear them anymore. They both needed a 2nd life! And now we will never outgrow them:)

I should make another one. I love both of my bags and my daughter uses them as well. Great pattern.


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