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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A pox on your house, Bryonie Porter

I think a lot of stupid things. One of the stupider thoughts I tend to have is, "How tough can it be to do that?"

For a long time, I've had the stupid thought, "How tough can it be to do that?" Bryonie Porter does beautiful work, don't you think? Sublime. Can't you see how she lead me down a dark path of temptation?

I now know the answer to this question, "How tough can it be to wallpaper a piece of furniture." I'm much wiser now. Much wiser than I would like to be.

The ingredients for this DIYour-damn-self were a roll of antique wallpaper for a whopping $9.99 and an old cabinet that came with the house. The cabinet was screwed to the wall in the garage and used to store 20+ years worth of extra paint. In addition, the previous owners had a tendency to nail random boards and nails into the thing, as well as use some of the leftover paint on the cabinet itself. All the shabby, none of the chic. With all the holes in this thing, stripping and refinishing this sucker never really entered my head. Plus, I had that stupid "How hard can it be to do that?" taking up all the room in my head anyway. So, because I didn't see the value in storing 20-year-old paint any longer when I really, really, really need storage for years and years of household admin paperwork, I channeled my inner Bryonie Porter and went to work.

Puttying, sanding, painting, pasting, moulding, trimming and two coats of shellack before the rain came in and I had to get the thing indoors... Long story short. And I mean long story, here's the after.

The ugly, pubescent middle of this project can be viewed here.

I'm waiting for some antique hardware I won on Ebay to finish it off. In terms of the look, I was heading toward old Hollywood and got off the freeway somewhere in Claremont. The paper tore at the edges and corners. But the aged back of the paper showed through and I went with it. It was a learning project. And the rough edges sorta matches the wear on the club chairs we have in that room, accidently on purpose. Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Well the finished product looks gorgeous and any boo boos will just add to the charm, that being said, I audibly groaned when I saw some of the boo boos! Only because I imagine how you must have FELT when those boo boos occurred! Oh gracious! It wasn't all for naught, its beautiful and the paper is very neat, it's different that what you normally see.

Jen said...

Though its adolescence was ugly, it seems to have blossomed nicely. I like it. But vintage wallpaper - you're brave! I've yet to find some that wasn't so brittle that I expected to find some peanuts in it.


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