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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Farbenmix!

Ten years? Has it been ten years already? Ten years of fun and color, creativity and friendships. What a great time to be sewing! To celebrate Farbenmix’s first ten years as the leader in putting the “fun” into funtional and the “wings” into your sewings, Farbenmix has many presents for you! Please click on over there to see all that is going on!

Remember when it was just the patterns “Anjana.” “Cara” and “Dortje” over at klickundblick.de and you had to write Sabine a personal email to order yours? I’m getting a bit nostalgic. Being that I am, my present to you is this little retro hat pattern named “Morro.” I named it for Morro Rock on the California Coast, because it has a similar form. "Like a rock...like a rock of ages..." Okay...let's just listen to that classic together right now.

Loves Me Like A Rock by The O Jays on Grooveshark

Morro is a one-size-fits-all hat: The size of the hat can be adjusted with the ribbon. The cap can be worn “Sherlock Holmes” style, with the brim to the front, or more Roaring 20s, like a cloche.

Blue boiled wool "Naomi" from Swafing.
Wool suiting "Vechte" from Swafing.

Morro can be stitched up from many different sturdier fabrics, even a good jersey, if you have the right interfacing for the brim. I like it stitched up in wool suiting or boiled wool with a gross grain or velvet ribbon for a nostalgic take, because I am in that nostalgic mood. But how and where you take Morro and Morro takes you is your take! YOU are the designer! I think that’s one of the greatest things Farbenmix has taught us.

All proceeds of the sale of this downloadable ePattern will benefit Nahow, a comprehensive program to bring education, hygiene, solar power and a better way of life to a village in Cameroon, Africa.


Many thanks to my lovely model, Jacqui! Please check out her YouTube channel to hear the beautiful voice inside this beautiful person.

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