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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Thursday, November 29, 2007

For Angels

One of my favorite children's books is by Wolf Erlbruch, Die fürchterlichen Fünf (roughly translated "the horrible five". I found a Spanish translation, Los Cinco Horribles, but not an English one. Go figure.). In a nutshell, some rather pitiable creatures--a rat, a spider, a toad and a bat--bemoan their miserable fate, that because they are so horrible and unlovable, that they have nothing to offer. Then, a hip hyena pulls them up from the depths of self-pity by making them each aware that they each possess a musical talent.

Well, everybody has a musical talent, that is, except Toad. Poor Toad.

Then, however, this kimono-clad toad pipes up and says "I can make pancakes!" And thus, our not-so-horrible heroes set about to open a very successful and popular live music venue serving pancakes.

About five times a day, the image of this kimono-wearing toad confidently announcing, "I can make pancakes!" pops into my mind. It reminds me that we all have something to offer, some talent we can contribute.

The Boutique Angels is a loosely organized group of women who sell their handmade creations, mostly on Ebay, to benefit different charities, primarily to benefit children. The leader of the Boutique Angels, Tiffany Hageman, was included in the Ebay Community Hall of Fame in 2006. I think of the afflictions and disasters countless people face and I realize my own helplessness and even apathy. But then, as I think of the Boutique Angels, I envision myself a toad in a kimono and saying, "But I can make sewing patterns!" It's not much, but if I put up a charity auction of these patterns, well, I've contributed something. I recently pulled up my donation receipt for my tax files: A charity auction now and then and I've contributed a handsome sum! This has been more donated, frankly, than I would have otherwise taken from our family's budget. And because of sewing patterns! I like that idea.

As a way to thank the Boutique Angels, I have sent a limited number of pre-release LAGUNA patterns to two retail partners, Banberryplace and SewzannesFabrics. Now, you can't buy this particular pattern. Not yet. But if you can show Banberry or Sewzanne's that you listed a Boutique Angels' auction recently, they'll send you a free pattern. Gratis. If you're not making a purchase, they'll probably ask you to cover shipping costs. This is about a $13.00 retail value. LAGUNA is a spiraling twirl skirt and--if the (trust me) simple skirt proves daunting, we have as a small consolation--leggings. You gave of your time, talent, ideas and materials, and now you can get a little something back. And that's not so horrible.

Please check with Banberry Place and/or Sewzanne's Fabrics for the exact details.

This promotion has received the kind consent of the Boutique Angels' moderation.

Oh, and, as always, no mass production of my designs. Really. Soooo not cool, people. Okay-dokey?

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Toni Hamel said...

You are so very generous sweet Nancy! I love the Angels and you! :D


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