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Sunday, February 8, 2009

CPSIA Update February 6th

"In an effort to provide clear and reasonable guidance to those impacted by this important law, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is announcing its enforcement policy on the lead limits established by the CPSIA.

Manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers should also be aware that CPSC will:

Not impose penalties against anyone for making, importing, distributing, or selling

-a children’s product to the extent that it is made of certain natural materials, such as wood, cotton, wool, or certain metals and alloys which the Commission has recognized rarely, if ever, contain lead;
-an ordinary children’s book printed after 1985; or
-dyed or undyed textiles (not including leather, vinyl or PVC) and non-metallic thread and trim used in children’s apparel and other fabric products, such as baby blankets.

(The Commission generally will not prosecute someone for making, selling or distributing items in these categories even if it turns out that such an item actually contains more than 600 ppm lead.)"

Here's the whole thing. Sounds pretty good to me. So, let's get back to having some fun!


anjana said...

I agree with you on that one, lets sew some nifty stuff!!


The Old Man said...

As for Lead, which so many people are worried about -- there's a minor problem: Almost all of this stuff with lead was imported from CHINA. It wasn't made in Mexico, manufactured in Morocco, or Assembled in Afghanistan. The best thing to do is to STOP CHINA from exporting things with lead, wouldn't you agree?

Actually, just stop IMPORTING from them until they stop using it.

This doesn't, of course, apply to the recent food poisoning scare in this country. The investigators say the company KNOWINGLY shipped contaminated products. If they DID, they should not only pay a fine, but be put OUT OF BUSINESS.


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