fledge capable of flying, from Middle English flegge, from Old English -flycge; akin to Old High German flucki capable of flying,
Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Easy, fun (and not dorky) Valentines.

"Hoppy" Valentine's Day. Get it? Okay, that might be a bit dorky. Well, my boy's not too afraid to let out his inner dork every once in awhile. We all should, every once in awhile.

We used this origami frog. And glue-gunned tongues and eyes and even bows. 'Cause we can dork out like that. We're not afraid to.


Wondermommy said...

Those are just the cutest things ever!

anjana said...

Good job and yes, everyone should be a bit dorky every once in a while.


Doekedoeke said...

Wow... how many lovers does he have?? ;)
I find it very cute!

lissilulu said...

dorks of the world unite! lol

we are dorks here too and I love those frogs...well done guys!
the tongue message is awesome and you can never go wrong with googly eyes in my opinion.


nic said...

speaking as one who has folded more than her fair share of origami creatures...how are your fingers feeling? :)

the "hoppy" bit doesn't even register on the dorkiness scale. it's perfecto. (now if i'd said that the hoppy bit was punny, the resulting gong of *that* registering would be heard 'round the world.)

stinkypeteandcompany said...

I lurrrveeee the frogs Nancy my friend. I lurrrve their curly olfactor-ness and their bow funk...
and as for the dork o meter...
we should all have kissed such adorable frogs to find our blond Californian prince :*


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