fledge capable of flying, from Middle English flegge, from Old English -flycge; akin to Old High German flucki capable of flying,
Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

See and be seen scene (CNBCnCn)

I like to see the people who like to be seen. I appreciate la bella figura on the piazza every evening. No piazza here, just Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive. Think those guys are almost famous? I think they think they're almost famous (just helping them along with this post). The girl with the trench coat, striped tights, slouchy sh*t-kickers and sissy pink purse? What a great look. Dude with a Gucci fanny pack? Um, not so good.


mooi hoor... said...

yes, I can see it now - bring a chair, buy a giant doughnut + a 0 calory coke and sit for the rest of the day to look at all the "bella figura" happening around you. Maybe pick -up your chair now and then, move a couple of hundred metres and do some more scene seeing. In the mean time you might be seen as well ;)

Now let me think of an icon for Munich...this is fun...

Sanna said...

Hihi, Nancy, das ist ja echt ein Guckpflaster bei euch. Der Mann hinter der Trenchcoat-Frau ist aber auch nicht zu verachten. *g


Linda said...

Hi Nancy!
Ja, Leute beobachten und deren Look studieren, das tue ich auch zu gerne!
Ich habe. als ich mir das Bild von der Trenchcoatfrau angeschaut habe, das gleiche gedacht wie Sanna,hihihi!

LG Linda


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