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Monday, April 28, 2008


A workout for those deciding-what's-pretty-and-what's-not muscles.

So, apparently, somebody has a car parked on his property. The gazing upon of said vehicle by some other property owners ("neighbors as a group"?) is displeasurable to those property owners. This has been revealed to said vehicle owner with an anonymous note. Said vehicle owner has responded in kind (in cardboard). In addition, yet other property owners find the vista con Plymouth quite the opposite of displeasurable and have formed an impromptu Little Blue Car fan club. 


There are neighborhoods in the United States where things like when and if you are allowed to park a car outside your garage (and when and if you can put up holiday decorations and which paint colors you may use and which building style you may build and which landscaping you may plant and which yard lights you may and must install ... the list goes on and on) for the sake of overall aesthetics of the neighborhood are strictly regulated. I wouldn't want to live in a neighborhood like that, so I don't. 

Want to join the debate? This car is not mine, but I've got nothing better to write about today.
For the record, I am pro little blue car. I like the lines and I really dig the color.


SABINE said...

Nun, in D ist es ja bekannt, dass alles reguliert wird - wie und wo man wann was baut z.B. Frei in der Wahl ist man ja leider eher selten.
Deshalb werde ich auch ganz schnell dem Club der Plymouth-Fans beitreten.

Boah, solche Nachbarn sind schrecklich!

ganz liebe Grüße

Eva said...

I just love the carowners reaction to that one: Brilliant!... and it shows a wonderful sense of humor.

Already guessed you where "pro little blue car", so would I! ;)
I just don't like people( especially anonymous) telling me what to do and what's pretty and what's not...
Hell, I don't walk around pasting a cardboard on their backs, telling them to go away, because the're offending my eyes by being not pretty...>;->

So, just because: "Little blue car forever!"

Have a wonderful individual day

design for mankind. said...

I think the car's a cutie! :)

PRO. :)

Clara said...

That is too funny!

Love it!!!!

Miss K.P.-Ness said...

I like the blue car, I like the cardboard sign. I think I will park my little red car next to the blue car and maybe they will make little purple babies.
I am bored with people telling me what "their" neighborhood should look like. Recently friends of mine were criticized for "writing all over the streets" because they used chalk with their kids on THEIR driveway. Come on... give peace a chance or something.

Christine said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;O)

XO, Chris

Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...

(had a typo in the last comment which reeeeally bugged me, so i am re-commenting)

dig the car.

i grew up in a "planned community" (town), the kind that was--whaddayaknow--planned before its inception and did not spring up naturally around some sugar cane plant or train stop or however normal towns emerge.

we had rules about clothes lines and grass length and maximum height of buildings and paint colors and parking one's boat in anything other than a boat-port. recently? my mum got fined for not getting the color/material approved before re-roofing. oy.

very glad to reside in a non-planned neighborhood, where my neighbors cannot turn me in to the roof nazis.

stinkypeteandcompany said...

In Baltimore, there is an "art car" parade through the busy metropolitan streets once every summer. Cars that may, in fact, have had nuts and bolts grounded on the same bricks as LBC (little blue car) are decorated with all manner of fun things and colors. I have a gal friend with one such vehicle; It has an entire Beach Blanket bingo scene epoxied to the hood. She lives in a planned neighborhood. She garages her sweet baby all year, plants flowering trees in her yard, and keeps her hedges neatly trimmed. The only chink in her otherwise rule abiding armour is her mailbox (not regulated in the restrictions); it is epoxied entirely in mini disco balls and a Travolta figurine is the "flag". There are ways to dance around most any ballroom ;)

Fledgling said...

@ Sarah: There exists a Staying Alive mail receptacle of which I have to this day been unaware!?!?! I shan't believe this. Nay: I shall disavow such claims until such time as you provide incontrovertible evidence of said Travoltatized mailbox flag-thingy! Tout de suite!

@ Nic: If mom's got to pay the fine anyway, see if she can't hook up with Sarah's friend here for some really great ideas for the roof. To start, I envision that flashing floor from the movie ...


stinkypeteandcompany said...

C'est vrai, Nancy my love.
I am waiting, as I write, for a return email from my daring friend Holly on the fate of her box. She lives about two hours from me now, but I am determined to find tangible proof for ye ol' doubting Thomas.

Yours in the hustle.

stacy said...

too funny. I love it.

Just Myrinda said...

heehee! I say go little blue car!
I live in one of those places where a grumpy old lady likes to pick on DH's treasured 65 VW truck...but aesthetics alone aren't enough to get her kicked out of the parking lot, thank goodness!

catastrophile said...

This would be an excellent submission to passive-aggressive notes.

Chris said...

Haha, this note is great. I like to think that the tense shift is the point at which the owner of the car decided to stop speaking in metaphore and start yelling directly at the group of people leaving him the note. In jest of course, not anger.

Lisa said...

Holy cats, I love this. If that was my blue car I would have a huge sign made at Kinko's and that car would never ever move. Who are those cowardly "neighbors" who can't even identify themselves?!


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