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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Things are Free Day 30

An eye for.

Do you see the eye in the picture? My son saw the eye in the tire tracks. My husband didn't.

What do you have an eye for? For color? For a good bargain? For the winning American Idol? For a good fixer-upper of a house? For a person's character? For a hot trend? For a political solution? For the pick-pocket in the crowd? For the answer to a mathematical equation? For the child with a painful secret? You have an eye for. Now what is it?

I think we all have an ability to see, which is very particular to ourselves. This ability to see is not an ocular function neccessarily. Blind people have an eye for, as well. Maybe blind people have a better eye for than the sighted.

I have had two different people email me this week, people whom I really, truly admire, real creatives and entrepreneurs both. In our separate discussions, they both wrote me this idiom:

"There's nothing new under the sun."

This saying really irks me. I mean, do these people live under the same sun as me? Are they talking about this sun or maybe some other sun? Or have they seen it all already and I am just way behind? I see new things every day. I cannot imagine that there are not new things discovered every second of every day by some one somewhere. Who came up with such a silly notion? Google...

Oh. Yeah. That's right.

This saying comes from the Bible, namely, Ecclesiastes 1:9-14:

"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

That can I accept. In the philosophical, metaphorical, bending-of-space-and-time, beyond-space-and-time way. 

But in the clumsy linear way in which we do and must experience life, I just think that there are new discoveries, new solutions, new answers, and, specifically in our little corner of creativity, completely new clothing designs and new fabric designs that can yet be made.

So, I'm throwing down. I don't want to hear "There's nothing new under the sun" unless you are ready to pull out the Good Book, some Stephan Hawking, maybe the Upanishads and anything else along those lines. I'm open to that.

But if you tell me there's no more new ideas to be had in textile creativity, like I said, I'm throwing down!

Well, that was a little more than 30 Days of Best Things are Free. In Buddhism, I've heard of the concept of annica. From what I understand, it is a principal of impermanence being an inescapable fact of human life, that nothing that belongs to this earth is ever free. When you see it that way, the free things become ever so much more valuable. Thank you for spending your valuable free time with me.


wendyb said...

I really enjoyed these thirtyish days:)


Eva said...

There are always things yet to be discovered, old or new...and to be reinvented, and remixed, and rematched. And things already there always inspire us - that's the way it should be!
When people are quarreling and fighting about who invented what, I sometimes hear myself using those word too. Because if your looking for trends, they are never really "invented" they just kind of develop. But some things are clearly created by a single person or group. (That's when that copyright thing comes popping in)
And if you ever really consider throwing down, well that's definately something new.

P.S. I could see the eye right away, guess I have an eye for an eye..;)

design for mankind. said...

I love your comment on my blog, and I LOVE your writing!

Of course it's ok that you're not an interior designer--- I do hope you come back. And often, at that. :)

Clara said...

30 days up already???

I've enjoyed the last 60 days, Nancy!

Clara said...

Oh and of course I see that eye!


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