fledge capable of flying, from Middle English flegge, from Old English -flycge; akin to Old High German flucki capable of flying,
Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm it.

I'm not all that. All that and a bag of chips. 

But I'm it.

Toni, Clara and Jen all tagged me. I suppose I'll give you 6 ...or is it 7?... I've done this before and those 7 facts are all there are to me. Really. 

More random facts:
1. Right now, we have a loaner car. It's a Mini Cooper. I crank up the Hives at full volume and lean my left leg against the door while driving so I can feel the vibrations. I am reeking havoc on the streets, pissing off every SUV I possibly can. It may become my reason for living. I am a menace.
2. We have this giant television and no television! Seriously. This thing is so schmancy, that the television doesn't get terrestrial channels (except for this one Korean soap opera channel, which isn't so bad, really ...). No cable. I hate cable. I think cable television is worse than drugs. We use this thing to watch movies. And to impress the neighbors. You know how television shows used to be the topic of conversation? Now it's just the television.
3. That's it! I gotta stop! There's nothing else! I have no tattoos, no piercings, no prior convictions ... I need a life. Or maybe cable television. "We are fated to pretend ... " that was playing in the Mini Cooper this morning, too.
4. I'm a real in-my-head kind of person. As much as I love fashion, my appearance is a shambles. I used to have a whole bunch of that natural good looks and disposable income and metabolism and charisma (I'm being honest), that I never spent any time learning how to work out regularly, or apply make-up or blow-dry or wax or pedicure or polish or whatever it is grown-up women know how to do. I walk around looking like a yeti, probably.
5. I like all three contenders for President. I'm really happy about this election. There's one contender I like a little better than the other two. But I won't be heartbroken if my candidate loses. It's a win-win-win for this one little voter.
6.  This week, I was heartbroken to have learned that fabric designers snap up vintage swatches and call them their own. Recolor or rescale as they may. Whatever. I guess that's why I see too much regurgitation. Regurgitation makes things easier to swallow, sure, but it's not fresh.
7. I don't know 7 bloggers well enough, who haven't been tagged. I think I'll tag the next seven blogs under "Next Blog" ...
http://amatorfutbol.blogspot.com Great. Turkish amateur soccer.
http://elrincondemax.com Uh-huh. Barcelona boy collects YouTubes. Those giggling quadruplets are pretty adorable.
http://nilesman.blogspot.com Niles seems like a really cool kid.
http://breguenaites.blogspot.com I don't speak Spanish. (Is this Spanish? Portugese?)
http://danieljuriyholthaus The life of a cute German toddler.
http://saramoonphotoblog.blogspot.com Hey, she's pretty good! And that would be my pedicure.
http://cayetanca.blogspot.com Hm. Some slavic lady sketches stuff. I like it.
http://welldunne.blogspot.com "Who's who and who's where in the world of entertainment marketing" Okay, I know now why television is just so bad. Thank you.

There we go! The curse is passed.


Fabric Bliss said...

I love you, superNan. You are awesome and I appreciate you playing along. I also literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD imagining you tooling around Hermosa and Redondo in a Mini Cooper..... God help us all. xoxo-j

Nic said...

loved this! and i wish i had a mini...

--fellow yeti

Clara said...

Oh, Nancy...thanks for being a good sport and doing the "curse", LOL!

I love those little mini coopers...now, what color is it??

Dibabo said...

A really strong member.

MCC instead of Mini.
Not cooler but smaller...

ALVARO said...

Thank you for being interested for my blog, receive uncordial greeting from Barcelona (Spain).



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