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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm curious: A hypothetical...

So, let's say you are on a sinking ship and you only have time to grab a handful of sewing tools. And let's just say that your ship is going down within swimming distance of Pfaff Island in the Bernina Archipelago, first discovered by the Husqvarna Vikings and this is where all the sewing machines grow. So you are covered as far as having a machine. And there's fabric and thread, no worries.

Which tools would you grab?

I'd take those up there: Cutting mat and large and small rotary cutters (yes, I can swim with a big cutting mat--it's my hypothetical, so just go with it). Knife-type seam ripper. Scissor-like seam ripper. Sharp snippers. Marking tools. Long pins and really thin and sharp short pins (I like these ones with glass heads: I think they are for quilting). And some WonderTape. And two safety pins. I can survive with just that.

And if I lost the scissor-like seam ripper in a battle with a hungry shark, I'd be okay with that. Same with the marking tools.

Seam gage? Got one, never use it. Turning tools? All worthless. And there's this thing. I don't know what it is or what it does. And I've still sewn many things.

So, what are your must-haves? Am I missing something?

Oh! The measuring tape! I totally spaced that. Left it on the ship. Darn it. Measure thrice, cut once!

Bin neugierig: Hypothetisch bist du auf einem sinkenden Schiff und Zeit hast du um nur ein Handvoll Nähwerkzeug mitzunehmen. Das Schiff sinkt zufälligerweise keine 50 Meter vom Insel Pfaff im Bernina-Archipel von den Husqvarna-Wikingern erst entdeckt worden und dort wachsen die Nähmaschinen. Insofern hast du dort genug Nähmaschinen. Und Stoff und Nähfaden sowieso.

Aber welches Nähzeug nimmst du mit? Ich könnte mit der Schneidematte (ja, ich kann mit einer großen Schneidematte schwimmen: Ist meine hypotethische Frage, also akzeptierst's einfach, gell'?), Rollschneider groß und klein, Messernahttrenner, Scherennahttrenner, Markierstiften, langen und kurzen Stechnadeln, scharfter Fadenschere, einem paar Sicherheitsnadel und WonderTape überleben. Und wenn der Scherennahttrenner beim Kampf mit dem Haifisch verloren geht, ist nicht schlimm. 

Also: Was sind deine Must-Haves? Habe ich etwas vergessen?

Ach! Das Meßband! Habe ich total verschlampt. Am Schiff vergessen. Dreimal messen, einmal zuschneiden!


lissilulu said...

Since I still only use the basics I would grab:
measure tape
2safety pins (in case I lose the first one)

Lola Nova said...

Along with what you have already mentioned... I'd wear the measuring tape and carry along a few good needles, possibly a seam gage - I use it all the time for hems. Do buttons grow on bushes or vines on this island? Oh, and my grandmother's beeswax holder doohicky. I think that's it.

Klasse-Kleckse said...

Oh,was ist mit Schnittmustern? Oder liegt die Pfaff Insel gleich neben dem "farbenmix-Artoll", welches man mit einem Einbaum gut erreichen kann?

Sonst schnappe ich ganz schnell meine Schnittmuster und stelle sie allen die sich retten konnten zur Verfügung!

Gruß Uschi

Steph said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and was sent her to find the feliz pattern. I would love to know how I can get my hands on one! THanks!

Fledgling said...

Hello Steph!

Please Google "Farbenmix". There are many online retailers. There are also several sellers on Ebay. If I list them here, I will likely forget someone.

Have a great day,

Nic said...

judging by quantity of use, apparently all i really need is my seam ripper. which is a good thing, since i'm a substandard swimmer (but heck, i can do a mean backfloat).


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