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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've been wrong.

In my life, I've been very wrong.

When I was a teenager, I knew a black exchange student from South Africa, who was living under Apartheid. Her dream was to study medicine and become a pediatrician in her village.

When I was a teenager I met a kid in Berlin, when it was East Berlin. His dream was to someday go to Paris.

At the time, I thought these kids' dreams would be impossible to realize.

I was wrong.

Thank God.

As an adult, I assumed racism was stronger than reason. I thought a black person would never be elected to the Oval Office. As an adult, I assumed xenophobia was stronger than sense. I thought a man with foreign heritage and having lived in a Muslim culture would never hold the highest office in the land.

As of this minute, the election results of only three states are in, but I think I'm wrong again.

What a great day and age I live in.

I also think our habits and ambitions will destroy our environment beyond repair.

I also think sexism is too deeply engrained in our minds for men and women to view each other as equals.

I think status quo, not peace, is the best possible outcome in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On these and many other points, I'm looking forward to being wrong yet again.

While my head may think one thing, my heart will dream another. And with that, I will borrow a line from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:
"I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream."



anjana said...

Hi Nancy,

I was very moved when I read your words.

As you know, I grew up in Germany and this is actually only my second time to vote for President. I became a US citizen mainly because I wanted the right to vote in this country. This is my home for the past 17 years and I don't think I will be living in Germany ever again.
I am hopeful that these elections will change this country for the better. The biggest Obama supporter in my family is my 11 year old daughter Sasha. She preferred him over Hillary right from the start.
I also hope that you will be proven wrong a couple more times.

Ok, back to CNN, polls are about to close in California.


Sara said...

It is a beautiful, amazing day as I sit here in the Sydney afternoon watching Obama give his speech!

Lisa said...

Nancy, thank you for being you.

Chris said...

I'm not one for giving political statements, but this time I have to: CONGRATULATION !!!

Although I'm relieved the US citizen have chosen Obama over McCain, I fear for Obama's life. I pray to god he won't suffer the same fate as John F. Kennedy. But now away with the dark thoughts, let's party !!!

XO, Chris

*Sweet*Caroline* said...

wonderful, nancy!


Dibabo said...

This is called



Nic said...

sitting here.. having goose bumps...

oh... i'm looking forward to you nancy(and me and so many other people) being wrong again!

i never felt so much with the american nation... this is historical...not only for the united states but for the entire world!

you did it! and YOU all can be proud!


Fledgling said...

And this from Diana:

"He is inspiring, intelligent, sincere, and that proves to reach far beyond skin colour and back ground. Thank God.
I remember how I (and many, many others with me) felt connected to the US and its people after 11 September 2001. Only then, it was out of grief and shock. Now there is such a positive call! An empowerment. Let's hold on to it - because we can!


Nic said...

from one dreamer to another: sometimes being wrong is a miraculous, beautiful thing.


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