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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Friday, January 1, 2010

...in with the new!

01 01 10: A very binary date, wouldn't you say? It translates to "1 1 2", or "22" or "16"... Hmmm...cohesive chain of thought for what I want to say? No: Got nothing. Nada: Buckle your seatbelts for the non sequitor...

This worn and torn bit of felt and embroidery thread on my keys has been my constant companion for a few years now. It was a gift from a lovely lady, Susanne, whom I met through klickundblick.de. It has seen better days, much better days. I'm sort of a nervous sort, I suppose, and my keys are something with which I tend to mindlessly fiddle and fidget. The wristband has long since been ripped off and the felt is pilled and, by now, really kind of grody. No matter: Not only was this key ring a gift, but it is a reminder of how I came to the opportunities I enjoy today. Over the years, I've probably clicked on thousands of Web sites, all a blur of images occasionally broken up by the Macintosh Spinning Beachball of Death. On the other hand, I can recall exactly the moment I came across klickundblick. Susanne, once upon a time, was selling an adorable little hoodie on the German Ebay. She mentioned something in the listing about "Farbenmix". "Color mix". Whatever. On her Me Page, she had a link to klickundblick.de. And that was that. No turning back.

In with the new: Yesterday, I received a package from...Buchholz? From...Nic? Yippee! A beautiful little surprise of mazipan and Luzia-Pimpinella-ness, including--score!--a new wristlet key ring. Nic's included note mentions something about her having promised me this a long time ago...? I cannot recall Nic promising me or owing me anything. No matter: Our secret. I'm not going to mention that to Nic, because I'm keeping my marzipan and my key ring. Yes, indeed-y.

I'm keeping Susanne's key ring on there as well. When I was a teenager, we exchanged and wore Brazilian wishing ribbons. This is sort of the same idea for me: I'll keep Susanne's bit of felt and thread until it wears away.

Thank you, Nic. Thank you, Susanne.

I also received another package yesterday: An advance copy of the book. Have I mentioned I wrote a book? I wrote a book, together with Sabine. Covers, pages in between, pictures, words, patterns...a complete book. I wrote a book. A book you can have, too. A book that I wrote. Did I mention the book? The book I wrote?

The book (the book that I wrote) looks good to me. But you be the judge. We made this book for you. February 1st you can have yours, if you're sew inclined.

Happy New Year, friends. Much joy, creative times, friendship, love, fresh raspberries, sparkling crunchy snow, shining sun reflected from the sea, a hand to hold, a good book, a bird on your windowsill, champagne in a crystal flute and many other good things I wish for you.


Sarah said...

Happy New Year! May 2010 bring us all love and happiness and relief from 2009....

can't wait for the book!

Yvonne said...

Happy New Year Nancy and Family!

... Man the book looks good.

Wondermommy said...

Happy New year! I can't wait until the book starts shipping!

willow and moo said...

What loveliness to find in your letterbox!

It seemed like the book was so far away and now it's only a month! Can't wait!

Chris said...

Happy New Year, Nancy!

According to Amazon Germany, the release date for your book is January 1st, 2010. If that's correct, we'll receive it in a few days :O). BTW, you are number three in sewing books !!! I'm so proud of you !!!


Jen said...

Happy New Year! The book looks fabulous from what I see (love the binding - smart choice!) and I can't wait to get it - I've already put it on my wish list so my husband knows what to get me for my birthday.

Nic said...


happy new year, nancy!
twetyten will be a great year for all us farbenmixers... can't wait to hold the book in my hands!

i am proud to be a little part of it... *whoooohooo*



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