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Monday, January 11, 2010

Less means more and more means less

In the beginning, filling 144 pages of a book seemed a daunting task. As it turned out, editing down was the daunting part. There were a few things here and there that I thought would have been handy. Hedgewig, the wristlet pincushion, was one thing. A fabric conversion chart was another. Luckily for me, a blog doesn't have any page limits.

I once received a blank-eyed stare at my local fabric shop when I asked them to convert my required yardage from 54 inches. A fabric conversion chart is just one of those things that a fabric shop should have, don't you think? Well, if the shop doesn't know how to convert, I suppose that responsibility is up to me.

If you don't know what a fabric conversion chart is for, well, have you ever purchased the indicated yardage for a Farbenmix or studioTANTRUM/Fledge pattern from 45 inch quilting fabric? And come up short? That's because we generally calculate for 54-inch garment fabric. If your fabric is only 45 inches wide, you'll need more than the indicated yardage. As you know, fabric comes in many different widths. The fabric requirements for sewing patterns will most often use just one fabric width in its calculations. But what if the fabric you love is wider or narrower than what is indicated on the pattern? Or what if you want to order in metric? That's when you use this chart.

Remember also, that unidirectional prints, plaids and large-scale prints require more than the indicated yardage.

Anyway, I've got a handy chart for you here. In full size and in pocket size for you to cut out and take in your wallet. Hope this might be of help.

Weniger heißt mehr und mehr heißt weniger

Anfangs schien die Idee 144 Seiten eines Buches voll zu kreigen recht gewaltig. Wie es doch geschehen ist, war die Editierung - sprich Heruntereditierung - doch entmütigend. Einiges, die ich nutzvoll fand, fiel also weg. El Porto, Hedgewig und auch eine Stoffverbrauchumrechnungstabelle. Zum Glück hat ein Blog ja keine Seitenanzahlbegrenzungen.

Wozu die Tabelle? Tja, verschiedene Stoffe, wie Ihr wißt, haben verschiedene Breiten. Der Stoffverbrauch unserer Schnittmuster sind meistens für 140 cm-Stoff berechnet. Was denn, wenn der Traumstoff doch schmaler bzw. breiter als 140 cm sein soll? Oder du willst doch etwas aus Amerika bestellen und diese Amis mit ihren Inches und Yards und weiß der Geier...die spinnen, die Amis... Wieviel dann bestellen? Da kommt die Tabelle zur Rettung.

Ich habe auch eine kleinere Tabelle dabei: Diese kannste ausschneiden und griffbereit in das Portemonnaie für den nächsten Stoffmarktbummel stecken.

Und, daran denken, beim Verarbeiten von einseitig gerichteten Stoffen, großen Mustern und Plaid-Stoffen benötigt Ihr ja etwas mehr Stoff.


Anonymous said...
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Wendy said...

Thank you for such a useful tool!

michal said...

Thank you! This will come in handy!

Rebecca said...

Great tool!
And I have another question, where is the shop in the photo.
DH is trying to persuade me to move to CA, and since I like to sew and his family are from Pakistan, I spotted the lady's salwar kameez and got excited :)

Fledgling said...

Hello Rebecca,

Thanks for stopping by! The photo was taken at Tex-Cal, one of dozens of small fabric shops in the Fashion District in Downtown. The shop owners could make up a model U.N. on the spot.

I've met several Pakistanis, who live in Los Angeles. There is a vibrant "Little India" neighborhood on Pioneer, where traditional Indian and Pakistani clothing is sold (I wish I could pull off a dupatta with some serious embroidery myself...alas, I don't think...). There are many Indian, Pakistani and Halal restaurants and markets scattered throughout the county. I think your husband will be able to find some cultural connections just about everywhere.

Worth a visit!

Have a great day,

Rebecca said...

Thanks Nancy :)
We were in So CA last Easter for BIL wedding. DH has lots of family there, whereas we have little family here in UK.
I need to check out these stores in Downtown, if we get back over in Easter.
I remember going to an Asian area to buy bangles, but only saw clothing stores, not fabric ones. Can't remember where it was, but not LA.
Thanks again


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