fledge capable of flying, from Middle English flegge, from Old English -flycge; akin to Old High German flucki capable of flying,
Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old...

"Movin' on up...To the east side (of PCH)..."

Not to be outdone by the brand-spanking new Farbenmix world headquarters (well, I mean, sure, totally outdone), I've signed the lease and I'm moving into my own office.

No streamers and balloons, just moving boxes adoring the house today. I'm kind of melancholy about the idea. Maybe I'm just melancholy about paying rent instead of buying a tricked out new camera.

I have encroached a bit much into the family's (rather small) house with my work. I do admit. The above photo is a bit of the mayhem. I'll post photos once I've moved.

My wishes for growth, renewal, adventure, health, learning, love and joy for the New Year.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Love and joy come to you!

Merry Christmas. Love from us to you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry CraigsList!

Part of the reason I love CraigsList is that, in my quest for the perfect set of Mid Century dining chairs or just the right case study sofa, I traverse my city and see things I might not otherwise see. Like these wall murals.

And wherever I go in town, Farmer's Market is always on the way.

Let's meet at Fairfax and Third for a Bennett's Cola. Made in Los Angeles.

... and some Blenheim Ginger Ale: Some of the spiciest ever! Yum! And ouch.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmastime at our house

When the sun shines on these, the colorful mirror mobiles turn our backyard into a disco. Boogie-oogie-oogie.

Bits of coral collected from Maui (no rocks, because rocks from Maui can contain angry spirits, just bits of coral).
Fresh pomegranates. Anything is better with pomegranates.

Hope your holiday hurriedness is winding down and you are enjoying your winter days.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmastime is here

Image via Apartment Therapy.

I'm not huge on Christmas. I take that back: I practice the faith and I think the man, whose birthday we are recognizing, deserves a great big "For he's a jolly good", for sure.

So I don't mean Christmas. I mean Christmas. Doesn't sound right, does it? For a crafter like me? I should have, oh, a few tree skirts crocheted from recycled bubble wrap or somesuch to show off. Not really. I don't get my holly jollies from jolly holly and the rest of it.

We don't put up the tree until very close to Christmas Eve, so that the tree is as fresh as possible, because we light real candles on the thing come Christmas Eve. It is about the worst fire hazard imaginable, but, ah, just gaze once upon a tree with real beeswax candles burning and you will understand.

We purchased our tree today. Pretty slim pickings on the tree lot. I pride myself on having had some pretty odd looking trees over the years. This year's tree is especially funny. It's a bit leaning and a bit fat, like an eccentric auntie that has been at the rum punch and asks much too personal questions. The tree lot guy gave me 50% off the tree without my even asking. Nobody wants the drunken auntie of a tree? No worries, we'll make sure she makes it home safely. And thank you for the discount.

You funny tannenbaum.

Well, if I wasn't much for one for decorating this day, mother nature did a fine job after the rains.

Monday, December 7, 2009

No. 12,800 ... No. 32 in Sewing Books? Okay, okay, no worries...all good...

Okay, I'm sufficiently freaked out.

Yeah, okay, I'll admit that I check my Amazon book page. I check how it ranks in sales. Last I checked a couple of weeks ago, it was down there in the No. 200,000-something slot.

Today, um, Sewing Clothes Kids Love is ranked No. 12,800 of all books? And No. 32 in sewing books? The book isn't even out yet. Last I heard, not until February 1st. That many pre-orders for an unknown commodity? Deep cleansing breath...

Thank you.

I'm excited. Absolutely stoked. Butterflies in my stomach. And freaking out. I hope I did a good job.

Thank you.

Did I mention, "thank you?"

Thank you.

*exhale slowly...*

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aloha means love.

Maui. My impressions are still too fresh to make any sense of them. This is my country and yet, not my land. Hawai'i is a cultural and geographic entity onto itself. In a way, Hawai'i is culturally more a colony than a state, as these polynesian islands were overthrown and rule by the United States forced upon the native population. It is the only state in the Union to have two official languages, English and Pidgin. Beneath the beauty and aloha is a history of pain.

I am a haole, for sure. But I fell for your beautiful charms, dear Maui, yes I did. I hope I have the pono that I might one day be accepted a tiny bit into your heart, as well. I dove from Black Rock (and, no, you will not see the photo of my fine cankle-y self doing so, thank you very much). I will be back. If for no other reason, to visit my son, whose heart you stole and who cried upon having to leave your shores. He has already been inspired to quit school, get a job as a waiter and craft a shack from leaves and plastic sheeting near the Honolua surf break. Pele, we stole your land and you capture our sons in return. To be expected.

Friday, November 27, 2009

We are back.

But I am certain I left part of my heart there.

A hui hou.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little moments

Sushi and sunsets. Not a bad day at all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

High five! For free stuff!

Farbenmix is five years old today!

Happy Birthday, my friends!

YOU are part of Farbenmix, too. No Farbenmix without you, so the birthday presents are for you! Check out the free ebooks available for download here.

Hedgewig, a little pincusion wristlet is my little contribution to the party. Instructions are available in English, German and Dutch (dank je wel, Lilian!). it took some thinking and thinking to come up with a way to make this pin cushion without any hand stitching (yuck: hand stitching). Find out how Hedgie hides and hides again before coming out of his hole.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

From the cutting room floor

Well, my part of the book is done. It's all in the hands of the art department and copy editors and technical editors and other umpa lumpas that make book magic. I don't think it is a good idea to tell you exactly what is in the book. But I can tell you a few things that are not in the book. Quite a bit ended up on the editing room floor. But, if there's one thing you and I know how to do, it's how to make something of scraps. One of those scraps is a little bag pattern a bag I call El Porto. You'll see it here and there photographed in the book, so act surprised when it shows up there. Until then, you can make one, if you like.
Mein Teil des Buches ist soweit fertig. I sollte euch nicht genau alles sagen, was im Buch drin ist. Aber ich kann euch mitteilen, was nicht Bestandteil des Buches ist. Vieles ist aus Platzgründen gestrichen worden. Aber aus Resten kann doch etwas nettes zusammengesteppt werden. Eins dieser Reste ist eine Mehrzwecktasche namens El Porto. El Porto kommt ab und zu in den Bildern im Buch vor. Von daher bitte beim Buchlesen deine Überraschung vortäuschen ;-) Bis dahin, wenn du möchtest, kannst du selber eine nähen. “El Porto” means “the port” in Portuguese, but where I live, it refers to a section of beach north of Manhattan Beach, near the oil refinery. Because of the topography of the ocean floor at the surf, here is a great place to learn to surf. You can also watch the airplanes taking off from Los Angeles International Airport. I like to think that “port” to which El Porto is referring to is the door to the rest of the world, either out there over the sea, or up there to where those airplanes are traveling. The El Porto bag will help carry your stuff during your adventures near and far.
"El Porto" heißt "der Hafen" im Portugiesischen, aber hier, wo ich wohne, ist El Porto ein Stück Strand im nordlichen Manhattan Beach, nähe der Ölraffinerie. Der topographischen Lage wegen eignet sich diese Ecke besonders gut zum Wellenreiten. Von hier aus kann frau auch die Flugzeuge von Los Angeles International Airport starten sehen. Für mich ist "der Hafen" El Portos die Tür zum Rest der Welt, über die Wellen und am anderen Ende des Ozeans. Die El Porto Tasche ist dafür geeignet dich in deinen Abenteuer nah und fern zu begleiten.
The bag El Porto is an excellent learning project. I imagined teaching in one project almost everything a person might encounter while making a Farbenmix or Fledge pattern. I imagined, if I were a home ec teacher, using this project over three or four days to introduce a lot of ideas and techniques. While completing this bag, you will learn or brush up on the following techniques:
  • Making a fully faced cut-out pocket
  • Hong Kong seams
  • Encasing a zipper between the shell and the lining.
  • Insetting a zipper
  • Construction
As well as a few other things, that you will be able to use to embellish and expand other projects. This bag was intended--in a single project--to take the square-pillow-and-potholder-sewist to the level of making, for example, a fully lined jacket.
El Porto ist ein gutes Lernprojekt. U. a. wird frau folgende Methoden lernen bzw. auffrischen:
  • Gucklochtasche
  • Nähte in Schrägband einfassen
  • Das Setzen des Reißverschlußes zwischen Außentasche und Innenfutter.
  • Einen Reißverschluß mittig einbauen.
  • Konstrukt

Darüber hinaus bietet El Porto auch ein paar Sachen, die du für andere Projekte verwenden könntest, wie z. B. die runde Zwickeltasche.

I must admit that I did not design this bag alone. My two children were right there with me telling me what they wanted. Their checklist included:
  • "A soccer ball needs to fit inside."
  • "There should be a place for soccer cleats and shin guards. "
  • "I want my volleyball and beach towel to fit. "
  • "There needs to be a place for my water bottle. "
  • "I want a pocket for my iPod. "
  • "I want a pocket for my cell phone. "
  • "There should be a place for my sunscreen."
To that list, I added these:
  • A security pocket on the inside.
  • The bag design should be good for both kids and adults.
  • The design should allow for simplification, as well as offer opportunities to go all out.
  • The design should allow for opportunities of lots of colorful combinations, but have a fashion silhouette strong enough to uphold monochrome designing.
El Porto in Italian wool tweed and Amy Butler fabrics. Sakura embroidery design by Smila.

Embroidery design Smila's World.

Ich gebe es zu: Alleine habe ich die Tasche nicht entworfen. Da spielten meine beiden Kindern mit.

  • "Der Fußball muß 'reinpassen."
  • "Ich will Taschen für meine Fußballschuhe und Beinschöner. "
  • "Der Volleyball muß passen. "
  • "Meine Trinkflasche nicht vergessen."
  • "Mein iPod soll auch eine Tasche haben. "
  • "Und ein Platz für mein Handy. "

Hinzu fügte ich:

  • Eine Sicherheitstasche.
  • Das Design soll sich sowohl für Kinder als auch Erwachsene eignen.
  • Das Design soll sich zum vereinfachen eignen, aber auch Gelegenheit zum total austoben anbieten.
  • Das Design soll genug Gelegenheit anbieten, viele bunte, verrückte Variablen ermöglichen, aber die
  • Silhouette soll von sich aus modisch sein, um auch monochrome varianten zu unterstützen.

This bag is a new take on the classic duffle. We added interesting, attention-grabbing pockets on either end of the duffle, as well as roomy pockets along the sides. To that, we made a comfortable sling strap, which is both fashionable and functional, as it includes an integrated media pocket for your phone or MP3 player. The sling is at a length for a child to wear either over a shoulder or diagonally as a sling bag. For the ladies, El Porto hangs at about elbow length--a length I like, because I can have all my valuables tucked securely under my arm. There are quite a few bits to El Porto and it may seem a bit daunting to complete. There are four basic parts, really, each of which is a fun bit to put together before assembling the whole thing. So spread the project over a couple of days--or get in the sew flow and make one in a day.

El Porto in Paulapü and Joel Dewberry fabrics.
Embroidery designs Paulapü.
Have fun.
El Porto in vintage 70s fabrics and this pillow cover (no textile is safe from my rotary cutter).
Viel Spaß!
Available from Farbenmix mid-November. Mitte November bei Farbenmix.eu erhältlich.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat, crash and burn...

I like things that fly. I like finding myself in a conversation about the shortcomings of flying wings. I've never seen an X-29 actually fly and until I do, I'll maintain my position that it doesn't. I think war is stupid, but I think the fact that the F-22 cruises at 1.5 mach is pretty awesome. On Friday, Jack and I had an opportunity to tour Edwards Air Force Base and the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. This is the location of many aviation milestones. And it is the location of many aviation disasters. The air force base's namesake, Glen Edwards, was himself the victim of a YB-49 crash.

In terms of Halloween costumes, I sort of crashed and burned this year, too.

We were going with Greek monsters this year. And Anna as Medusa. She likes snakes. She likes monsters. But she hates the wig. (After a bit of Googling, I learned that Medusa was also considered a goddess of true knowledge and the reason that a person would die upon gazing upon her face, was that she revealed a person's true nature).

I had a little more success with Jack. He's a cyclops.

And let's throw in a bit of cyclops trivia: Depending on the narrative, the cyclops are the children of different gods, including Uranus (sky) and Gaia (Earth), who were banished to the underworld, but called back to Earth whenever the Titans needed a good butt-kicking. A cyclops also gave Zeus his favorite accoutrements, his thunder and lighting. So there.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

In the dull details...

The wolf, in the wake of a public relations disaster, has removed his grubby paws, tail between his legs, and agreed to drop all pending actions against the DaWanda crafters. That is a good start. No doubt, a good start.

On the other hand (paw), this bad dog has not agreed to stop marking the territory of all paw prints on textiles as his exclusive turf. Hey, pup, keep that leg down. Good boy.

The wolf should have his protected area. But he should be allowed to be the alpha dog in only a very limited preserve: Namely, a single canis lupus print, realistically drafted, oriented to the right and slightly upward, gold on black. Pinky-swear: The DaWanda sellers won't include any decoration like that. They will keep far away from your trademark territory.

But, really Jack, you've already paid that law firm quite a bit: Go and ask them to look up fair use and public domain really quick. A monopoly on all paw prints is biting off a bit too much. You'll just anger the pack again and you'll be the lone wolf. This market will likely leave you and head toward the north face.

The Devil is in the Details.

The devils in the dull details
The devils in the coffin
Of the details
There will be no finer day
To take my breath
Survival is all parody
Contorted and extorted
For amusement
Colossal youth on megaphones
Please call us home
We need to come home quickly
Did this job make us crazy?
Or we're we so screwed up
We took this job?
Play dominoes with knucklebones
We feed the beast
Till he's too fat to walk
There are no devils left in hell
There simply are no devils
Left, in hell
Deliver us from deliverance
Deliver us, from all these awkward pauses
You are as brave as you believe
You are as brave as what you won't repeat
You are as lost as you need to be
You are as lost as what you won't admit
The future is a slow retreat
The future is a muscle you don't have
Gonna shake tonight

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tail between his legs...You tamed the wolf!

Gratuliere! Zusammen können wir viel bewegen.

Jack Wolfskin nimmt die Abmahnungen zurück!!

«Die zum Teil heftige Kritik unserer Kunden in den aktuellen Fällen der DaWanda-Anbieter nehmen wir ernst und zum Anlass, unser Vorgehen kritisch zu hinterfragen», erklärte Geschäftsführer Manfred Hell am Freitag am Unternehmenssitz in Idstein im Taunus. Heftige Reaktionen im Internet hätten zum Einlenken geführt.

Windows 98

Find' isch lustisch.

1997 beantragte JW "Windows 98" für alle Lederwaren, Taschen, Kleidungen u.d.g. ...mit der Absicht, denke ich, das exklusive Recht zu besitzen, diese Marke auf Ledertaschen u.d.g. anzubringen... Tja, die Beantragung würde entzogen, denn, komm, Mädels und Jungs, keine hat so viele Anwälte an der Hand als der kluge Mr. Gates.

Hier, alle JW-Trademarkanträge. U. a. "hobbyt", das finnische plural für "Hobby" und "Waschsalon". Die Rechte auf "Waschsalon" hat das deutsche Trademarkamt vergeben. Fällt mir dazu nichts mehr ein.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"I'm on a hunt, I'm after you..."

Meine Damen, ich bitte Sie zur Tanzfläche!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Reason to "paws"...

Edit 22. Okt 2009: Chris, die liebe Chris, hat dies hier unten übersetzt und auf ihrem Blog gepostet. ((Chris))

There is a certain wolf, a big predator, who has found some small and weak prey. This wolf is howling intellectual property theft, when common sense tells us they've got jack, legally, to stand on. A sheep in wolfskin clothing.

This blogger has given a good overview in English of the issue at hand.

In a nutshell, Jack Wolfskin is a manufacturer of clothing, shoes and gear with an emphasis on outdoor recreation. This firm uses a representation of a gold wolf paw print on a black background as a company logo. Jack Wolfskin applied for and received registered trademark status for this image in Germany for apparel (and laundry detergent...whatever). I think that extends throughout the European Union. Jack Wolfskin is demanding that DaWanda sellers (the German Etsy equivalent) making anything textile-related--anything--with a paw print to cease and desist. That's right: DaWanda sellers. Those sellers that have made several items depicting paw prints have been sent in effect invoices of about $1500 to pay for all the trouble and expense Jack Wolfskin has had to go through to send them their cease and desist letters. I know some ladies, who have received such letters. Pretty scarey-looking things, let me tell you. If the sellers don't pony up, next step straight to court.

Let's start with a little 411 on trademarks: You can put a little ™ next to any little logo thingie or name you make up on your own. On my Mac, that's Option Key-2. That's your way of saying to the world, "Hey, everybody, I'm using this identifier to identify my stuff in commerce." A registered trademark (Option R on the Mac ®) is when you apply to the trademark office of your country to solidify this mark as yours exclusively within the commercial zone it regulates and for (and this is important) a particular category of goods. And the trademark office more often than not says, "No." My experience in the United States has been, that the hurdle is pretty high. You cannot register simple, common shapes and images, like plain hearts or stars. If you use a pumpkin or Christmas tree, it better be a very, very specific representation of a pumpkin or a Christmas tree. I have registered trademarks. They only apply to clothing. I suppose somebody could use the same marks and use them to identify completely unrelated products, tire jacks or foot powder, as long as the examining attorney does not see any chance of confusion in the marketplace. FYI: There are about 3,400 registered trademarks in the United States with paw prints and, for the most part, these firms do business just fine in this marketplace without much confusion for the consumer.

It appears Germany is a little stricter with the use of trademarks. Jack Wolfskin was by no means the first to use a paw print as an organizational identifier. There is a German newspaper "taz," which had been using a paw print for years before. Alas, they never registered the paw print trademark, because, well, it's a paw print. So, some years ago, Jack Wolfskin took the newspaper to court and now, well, the taz cannot use a paw print on shirts of other textiles. How outdoor equipment could be confused with a newspaper is beyond me, but greater minds than mine made the judgement.

What keeps going through my little head is, why? Why on earth would a global company go after home crafters? Are they that bored? As a firm in the worst economy since the 1930s, this is not a boring time. So, I did a little research on Jack Wolfskin.

Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981 in Idstein/Taunus, a suburb community of Frankfurt am Main. The goal of many a good young entrepreneur is get in and get out. Sell the company, grab some gear from the warehouse and go live the good life. Jack Wolfskin was sold and became a subsidiary of Johnson Outdoor Inc., which is owned again by Johnson Wax. Not such a bad marriage, really. Johnson Outdoor Inc. is a firm with a focus on and culture in outdoor recreation. It's parentage of the product innovator Johnson Wax permitted development in new technologies and materials. Jack Wolfskin owns some nifty patents. In 2002, Jack Wolfskin was sold again to Bain Capital. Boston-based Bain Capital is just a private equity firm. That's the same year, Jack Wolfskin took the daily newspaper "taz" to town for using a pawprint in its paper's logo. Here we already see a change in focus from innovation to branding. Private equity, in a nutshell, means it's not about products--ever--it's about money--always. Private equity firms buy what they see to be undervalued assets and fix them up to sell again. It's sort of like flipping real estate. There's usually not a lot of love in these relationships. Bain investment bankers are more likely to be found in a limousine than on a mountain bike. And Bain did a nice job: For their 42 million Euro investment, they found a buyer in Russian Quadriga Capital for 93 million Euro. And, at the time, Jack Wolfskin was enjoying growth rates of 45% annually. Okay, then, Barclay Private Equity went ahead and bought Quadriga, so now Jack Wolfskin is with another private equity firm, which had to recently perform a debt recapitalization (that's like refinancing your mortgage). Long story: This wolf puppy is an investment vehicle only. Jack Wolfskin is pretty far removed from it's backpacking and bird-watching roots. Private equity firms understand three-piece-suit things like branding, and not so much lab-coat things like product development and innovation. Private equity guys prefer to spend time with Mad Men, rather than mad scientists or rad cyclists. They also prefer to traverse the loopholes and interpretations of laws than the footholds of a cliff face. Their job is to look for ways to improve their assets to make them attractive to buyers. So, among other things, brand strengthening with a batch of cease and desist letters to all the infringers in the apparel and sporting goods industry would be a pretty standard play from the private equity playbook. "Leveraging its strong brand" is what Barclay's has written for the future of the company.

But why DaWanda sellers? I'd like to look the judge in the eye that would think that a kitty cat paw print appliquéed on a pillow and sold to maybe 10 or 20 individuals would dilute the brand of Jack Wolfskin, a firm that had sales of about $227 million world wide in 2007. (Look through the little slide show here of the items that are accused of infringement). I'd like to know the name of any judge, who would think that a paw print--a very general definition of a paw print--would not be within the public domain (as opposed to, say, the Nike swoosh or the Milka purple cow, the tracks of carnivorous, quadrupedal mammals have been in the human cognizance since, frankly, human cognizance. Animal tracks show up in the Sanilac Petroglyphs in Michigan, the Twyfelfontein engravings in Namibia and wolves are depicted in the Ice Age Caves of Lascaux and Font-de-Gaume). I can't imagine anyone with one ounce of experience in intellectual property law who would say that any one entity can own the commercial use of all and any representations of a very common thing. Otherwise, following this logic, any motif would be permitted in commerce for but one organization only (hearts for Hostess, apples for Apple Computer, any stripes for Adidas, all lions for MGM and so forth). That is market foreclosure of an unprecedented sort with which, I think, even the competition-averse German regulatory bodies would have to disagree. Have to. Companies like market foreclosure. Consumers, not so much. So it doesn't make sense. Unless the slim hope of collecting a thousand dollars here and there is part of the business plan. Hey, Jack, if that's the case, seriously: Get a better business plan.

So why, Jack? If you ain't got jack? Are a bunch of hausfraus with DaWanda shops some kind of easy prey for you? Why not hunt bigger game? Will this increase brand recognition at all? Well, yes, it will. But it won't improve brand image: it will improve brand recognition among only those you have threatened and those of us who have taken offense. I'm certain this brand recognition will play out only negatively when we choose which snowboarding jacket to put under the Christmas tree this year. That has to be a pretty stupid PR move right before the holiday season (see the comment below from the owner of an IT company that had to destroy their Jack Wolfskin corporate swag after hearing from outraged employees and customers).

One reason, however, could be part of the mechanics of protecting trademarks. Whenever there is trademark infringement, the rights holder is obligated to go after the offenders. Otherwise, it could be ruled that, because a rights holder did not perform his due diligence to go after the infringers, the rights holder doesn't really care about protecting his property. It's akin to leaving your door wide open, witnessing robbers march through your house and take your tv and laptop without calling the cops. The robbers can say arguably, hey, this guy didn't want his stuff, so we took it. So, Jack Wolfskin needs to perform a little due diligence every once in awhile to protect its trademark. Which means going after, well, for starters, The Pink Panther, Iams pet foods, probably thousands of veteranarians and anyone else in the European Union with a paw print logo... It's a long list. And most of the people on that list would have the resources to fight and win this, because, like I said, it's a paw print. Face it, even just a couple thousand dollars in legal fees is too much for a home-based crafter, who very likely does not have any liability insurance. Easy prey.

So here's my suspicion: Jack Wolfskin, in Germany, successfully prevented the taz newspaper from ever selling anything with a paw print on it. Because the hundreds of DaWanda sellers will likely not take any action against the cease and desist, because they simply are intimidated and do not possess the resources, this will put Jack Wolfskin ipso facto in the right. And, as a result, Jack Wolfskin--get this--will have enough precedence to own exclusively the intellectual property use of paw print images in the European Union. Holy smokes.

Not following my logic? Again: If I yell, "You're a thief! That's mine. And you're a thief! That's mine," enough times and you don't do anything about it or deny that you are a thief, well, it's not just crying wolf. What it means is, you are a thief. But more importantly, through your lack of denial, whatever was "stolen" was in fact "mine". I think that is what Jack Wolfskin is after. They probably won't mind getting that $1500 check from you, but I'll bet they aren't exactly holding their breath. Jack Wolfskin just wants to add to its assets the exclusive right to any kind of paw print image. And this is how they are going about it. At the end of the day, they will have a file folder this thick of cease and desist notices with no one denying that the paw print is Jack Wolfskin's. Even the paw prints without claws. Even the paw prints that are pink. Even the kitty cat paw prints. Even the more stylized graphical paw prints. Once they have that file folder, there's not much holding them back from going after Iams and The Pink Panther and anyone else who uses a paw print. That's the bigger game. Imagine, if you will, because I have a trademark with a heart and the word "love" that I would own the exclusive right to all images of hearts and the word "love". I'd be pretty lucky. Valentine's Day would not only be my birthday--ca-ching!--it would be my pay day! I'd get a percentage of everything with a heart on it or else. Any kind of paw print image is an intellectual property asset that is probably worth hundreds of times the value of any of Jack Wolfskin's textile or tent patents. That's what the Barclay folks have to be after. It's a long shot. A really long shot. I mean, even Disney doesn't go so far as to forbid any mice whatsoever from showing up on apparel. Just a certain mouse with big black ears. But that taz ruling may have given Barclay the guts to go for it. Otherwise, it makes no sense. No sense at all.

And look here: This hasn't gone unnoticed stateside--Advertising Age.

And read what this commenter to the Advertising Age article wrote:

We are a German IT Company (ip-profis.de) our customers are mostly related to Linux, Web2.0 and Pirate Party. We bought Jack Wolfskin Jackets with our Logo on it for the whole Company and we give Jackets to good customers. Until Sunday we get more then hundret mails from our customers. We had to decide to destroy all Jack Wolfskin products and give advise our people that nobody gets in contact wearing Jack Wolfskin products. Also we have to send mail to our customers that we are very sorry and that we do not have any business cotact to Jack Wolfskin anymore because of what happened.

For our brand it was a desaster and i guess a lot of other companys which bought Jack Wolfskin Merchedaising Products have the same problem. Our Merchedaising Company also remarked why Jack WUlskin does not atac Shakira wich is a famous brand which indeed uses a similar Logo on Jackets and T-Shirts. http://www.shakira.com

Sorry for my bad English but i thought ich should write this to give a idea that this effects a lot of other companys.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Better than a poke in the eye!

A little public recognition is not a bad thing. The Fall 2009 issue of Quilting Arts Stitch has a mention of Farbenmix and StudioTantrum/Fledge.

Diana got a little "atta girl!" from shooting star design blog Apartment Therapy.

And Sabine has a design appearing in a German craft mag Stitchwork.

Back-patting and hand-shaking all around, ladies.

I usually do not buy craft magazines, because, well, yeah, I know everything already. Or at least I thought... This issue of Stitch is a good one. A lot of value. Almost like a book. And there are lots of interesting articles about textiles around the world. I love the world. It's so cool.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey! I made something!

AND I think I made it wrong! I think I marked the places for the snaps for the apron part a little low...just a leeeetle...like about an inch...the apron part should really be flush with the waist edge...forgive me...

Anyway, this is the darling Glitzerblume*'s darling new pant design, Roberta! Roberta is pretty darn cool, because the front and back panels twist a bit around the leg. Cool. And the apron part, when it's in the right place, well, it's cool, too. Available from Farbenmix.

The bag? I'll get to that later.


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