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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Monday, May 16, 2011

Orange, a cat, a pillow...bloggy randomness

Hello! Hello!

I am, when I have a few hours to spare, working on the Annatorium (Anna's room). It's proving a bit harder for Anna and me to develop a vision for the room. Her only instructions: "No pink. I'm just not a pink girl. And no ORANGE!"

"But orange is so happy--"

"No! I want Hawaii."

Is Hawaii a color? I suppose I had engulfed the child in so much orange in her early life that perhaps it did become a bit annoying. "Anna-noying Orange...?" You know where this is going, so, yeah, I'll embed it...

We painted the walls TURQUOISE! (lordy, it's turquoise-y) and scrounged Craigslist for a bed and night stands and lamps. Painted the bed SILVER! The $15 Ebay drapes are so 60s/70s, I find myself singing a lot of 60s and 70s tv show intros (for all you young'uns, look up "That Girl" and "The Monkees" and "The Partridge Family" on YouTube...see? That's what we had before Glee: pretty bad). Moreover they have quite a bit of the verboten orange...but I needed something over the windows. We'll have to find something different. That's okay: The room, the girl, my decorating ability--all works in progress.

I did make this pillow! It's our interpretation of the Hawaiian state flag.

As we get more done, we'll show you what we've done in the Annatorium.

Do you remember Milo Cat? The cat-who-is-not-our-cat-Milo-Cat? He's still hanging around. He may not be our cat, but we might be some of his people. He's an old cat and he wants what he wants. And we don't mind. Anna made this sign of her love for the old bugger.

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Lola Nova said...

Yup, those drapes just sing "C'mon get happy!" I am rather impressed with your interpretation of the state flag too.

I've been pondering a re-fashioning of Pony Girl's room. It's in desperate need since it somehow became the place where all our "extra" furniture goes to die. It's getting a bit squished in there what with the drum set and the alarming breeding habits of the stuffed toys. The walls are currently a smoked lavenderish and PG can't quite make up her mind on a new color. And then there's my lack of motivation for sanding and painting the bed...perhaps we'll just wallpaper the whole kit in horse posters. Welcome to Horseland!


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