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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So, it rained the other day. One benefit of Southern California sunshine, is that with rain, we usually get a rainbow in the deal. I run outside--avec camera--toward late afternoon to see if the miracle of refraction has happened yet again. And look what rolls by! A "make love, not war" hippie car! Nutty. 

Also geregnet hatte es. Ein zusätzlicher Zuschuß aus der südkalifornischen Sonnenschein ist das Refraktionsnebenprodukt aus dem Regen. Ergo laufe ich samt Photo zum Vorgarten  auf Regenbogenjagt. Jawohl: entsprechende Refraktion. Aber dennoch fährt ein happy Hippie "make love, not war" Benz mir entgegen? Na, sowas!

And speaking of nutty. It is 3rd Advent already! And I have a present for you: Squirrelly! "Squirrelly" is defined as "eccentric and restless". If you are one or the other or both, perhaps you would like to make one of these!

Na sowas zum 2.: Schon 3. Advent. Und ich habe ein Geschenk für Dich... Squirrelly! "Squirrelly" bedeutet "ekzentrisch und rastlos". Solltest Du entweder eins oder beides sein, vielleicht möchtest Du auch ein Squirrelly nähen.

Squirrelly is a little plush pattern that is my gift to you!

Squirrelly ist ein Kuscheleichhörnchenschnittmuster und mein Geschenk an Dich,

Squirrelly can be stitched together using a few scraps. Wool or Eco felt works nicely, too.

Squirrelly kann aus Stoffresten genäht werden. Woll- bzw. Eco-Filz geht auch.

(Frech habe ich das Bild oben mit Nics Photoprojekt verlinkt. Mache doch mit!).

Squirrelly stands on his own: If you fill him partially with lead weight or pebbles, Squirrelly makes a dandy fine bookend.  

Squirrelly steht von alleine. Wenn dieses doch mit Steinchen bzw. Blei gewichtet ist, dient Squirrelly auch als Bücherstütze

Yes, this is my gift to you! You may download the pattern and instructions below. Pattern sheets are uploaded individually. I'm not that PDF-savvy to get them all onto one file without changing the size.

Pattern page/Schnittmusterbogen 1
Pattern page/Schnittmusterbogen 2
Pattern page/Schnittmusterbogen 3

Step-by-step photo tutorial ENGLISH

(Wait for it...wait...big file...)

Ja, mein Geschenk an Dich! Hier darfst Du herunterladen. Das Schnittmuster besteht aus drei Seiten, die ich nicht zusammen in einer Datei zusammenkriege...

Photoanleitung DEUTSCH

(Warte...warte...kommt's...große Datei...)

Und sollte ich etwas ganz krummes ("Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene/German for Runaways") übersetzt habe, sage bitte bescheid: Ich korregiere's unverzüglich :)

What, you didn't get me anything? That's okay, you'll just have to pay for your Squirrelly pattern.

Yes, you'll have to pay for it.

But you decide how much and when.

Just pay it forward. Any bit of goodwill anywhere will do, for example...

  • Help someone carry their packages into the post office. 
  • Let another car in ahead of you in traffic. 
  • Let your spouse think he won the argument.
  • Apologize.
  • Forgive.
  • Run an errand for an elderly neighbor.
  • Treat the kids in the carpool to ice cream.
  • Scrape off the snow and ice from your neighbor's car windows, too.
  • Remember, there but for the grace of God go you.
  • Donate your time.
  • Refrain from leaving a snarky comment (no matter how very witty) somewhere on the Internet.
  • Shop your local independent retailers.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Consider the amount of forced labor that went into making a new piece of electronics or clothing, then reconsider your purchase.
  • Take public transportation or walk instead.
  • Ask for donations to your favorite charity instead of Christmas gifts.
  • Offer to babysit for the new mom on the street, if only for an hour of "me time."
  • Donate the books you've already read to a shelter or prison.
  • Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  • If you buy something on sale you were planning on buying anyway, donate the difference in price to charity.
  • Share everything--waste nothing.
  • Offer help to a returning veteran.
  • Do the next right thing.
  • Love.

I'm sure there's something you can think of. I'd love to hear what it might be! And if you'd like to share your Squirrelly on the "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" flickr group page, well that would be just grand, too!


swig said...

sind die toll! danke! beste Grüsse aus Paris!

Crafty Mama said...

Thankyou Nancy, your little squirrel is adorable! Lover that hippy mobile!

tanïa said...

Herzallerliebst! Ob ich sie hinkriege mit meinen zwei linken Näh-Händen? Mal sehen. Deine Anleitung verstehe ja sogar ich! Und die Art der Bezahlungsmöglichkeiten ist ebenfalls wunderbar! Ganz ganz vielen Dank dafür, you made me smile!

Maude Lynn said...

I love that car! What a great capture!

Raumfee said...

Vielen Dank für das schöne Schnittmuster. Wenn ich mich von Weihnachten erholt habe, wird das eines der nächsten Projekte - Kinder zum Beschenken gibt es ja genug.

Claudia said...

Liebe Nancy,

vieeelen Dank für dieses oberknuffige Eichhörnchen! Die sind total zum Lieb haben für Groß und klein. Eine wunderschöne Idee!

Viele Grüße, Claudia

catharina said...

süß! danke für die anleitung!

glg aus österreich,

nic said...

holy cuteness, nancy! and i do declare, some of those payments are steep...mostly refraining from witty snark and letting my spouse think he won an argument. :)

ps in all seriousness, thank you for dousing my world with the most beautiful things.

PeRu - Uniqz® said...

Oh - die sind ja ganz zauberhaft!! Dankeschööööööööööööön


IneS. said...

OMG, Nancy- how CUTE are they????!!!! I LOVE them and will have to sew at least ONE for only myself!

THANK you so much for your present, I appreciate it so much!

Greetings from Hungary and happy Holidays,

Jen said...

Love. These. So. Much.

I may have to make at least one for my son and maybe one as decor for my baby niece's room - or a pair for bookends.

My pay is this: I know of a family who does a lot for their community while living on a very small income. They don't always have enough for things they really need and somehow manage to continue to raise wonderful kids who enjoy helping others. I'm sending them money anonymously in a Christmas card, because I don't think they'd accept it directly, no matter how much they need it. And if they use it to help others in some way rather than on themselves, it still goes to a good cause.

Fledgling said...

Thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments. I hope this project brings you some fun.

And, Jen, paying forward to someone who will likely pay forward? That's overpayment. That needs change. But isn't this how we change the world for the better anyway?

Fischtown Lady said...

30Danke schön! Die sind ja so niedlich! Die die mache ich bestimmt! Ich liebe Eichhörnchen.
Liebe Grüße, Marita

Unknown said...

Hallo. Leider kann ich die Schnittmuster nicht aufrufen. Wäre es möglich, dass ich die per Email bekomme? Suche nämlich dringend ein Eichhörnchen zum Nähen und Deine sind eindeutig die schönsten. :) LG Kim

leole said...

Hey, sadly i cannot open the files, could you send them via mail or i share a dropbox with you? I really wanna sew one of them, that would make the perfect present for my boyfriend,hes such a scrirrel fan and yours are the cutest of all!!!

Unknown said...

Like the posters above me, I too would love to sew your squirrels, but the links to the patterns seem to be broken. I would be very thankful if you could send them via e-mail :)

Hallo said...

Hallo, kann man sie auch als Türstopper nutzen? Passt dort genug Sand rein?


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