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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Got stuff?

I must really have been sick: I didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't want to go on the computer. I didn't want to read. If I did get out of bed, I wanted to clean. Very sick, indeed. A few extra degrees in body temperature and I become compulsive obsessive about the DVDs standing rank and file. I'm feeling much better, thank you. And strangely, the garage is now emptied of several useless things and the cobwebs over the front stoop were vacuumed away in a fevered frenzy. All in all, a very productive influenza. I even lost a couple of pounds. I could do with that kind of infection every few weeks. Not likely to happen, though.

Which sort of brings me to my next point. I'm tempted to call out the crafting blog world "it" girls, in your cute little cottages and cozy flats. I want to know: WHERE'S YOUR STUFF? Where do you keep it? If you make stuff, you got stuff. Nothing gets thrown away, because there's a great idea there. The stuff I got? Oh, several hand-carved Italian chairs in extreme need of upholstery, including two wing-backed suckers that just seem to sneer, "No. No you. You no upholster. You too stupido. No toucha me." Then there's the broken surf boards and trashed skate decks: Got ideas for those. Some Thonet chairs. Some 50s GoodForm chairs. An arch lamp, steamer trunks, an old iron crib/could be a daybed, vintage clothes ... I even have boxes of my mother's unfinished projects. Her dying wish: Keep it all together. Boxes and boxes and boxes of minatures and dolls and I don't even know what all. And all of that stuff has to fit between the kids' stuff and the paperwork stuff ... I live in these 1,377 sq. ft. like a big game of Tetris. Or maybe Rubik's cube: Putting something new in requires shifting and turning and twisting and still you've only got one side figured out. This place contains two kids, two parents and two businesses.

The answer, of course, is very easy. Just get rid of it. But would any of you toss out vintage Italian wing-backs, even if they did sneer at you? No. No you.


Miss K.P.-Ness said...

You need a Ja Ja- He will cut a big hole in the roof of your garage and then you can put lots of stuff above the house that holds your stuff. I've lived here for 8 years now and still havn't unpacked stuff from the last house. More stuff is added to this "attic" space every month.
Leave the stuff for the kids to sort through- that's what my Dad is planning on doing.
We liked seeing you today until the swarm of bees cut the visit short. Chris' fever is up to 102 but he is not inclined to clean a thing. We will make clay people to cook in the oven and then they will become more stuff.........

Diba said...

Tetris does not mean to pack stuff in a perfect way.
It means to reduce space!

Every second month we hire a big box and the whole family (4 persons) has to give/spend/throw away something.

It works.

The box grows.


And -however- there is so much space in the house/garage.
For new stuff.

anjana said...


you're killing me...lol.

You should come see my house, I use my dining room as extra storage for fabrics and stuff because my sewing room is stuffed.

At least Sasha does not want big toys anymore, so that helps a lot.

Greg goes crazy, he alsways asks: "what do you do with all this STUFF? And my answer is: "I will use it eventually"

But every year we have a yard sale and get rid of some STUFF, never enough though.

It really is amazing how much STUFF accumulates over the years.

Talk to ya soon


Bowznstuff said...

ugh stuff - I have SO much stuff! Definitely DON'T get rid of the wingbacks. Between my fabric, my notions, my machines, my hey I might be able to use that as a prop/free gift/design springboard "pieces", my "oh look I could cover those 50 headbands and they would look really cool" collection...and lets not even get started on the collection of toys/board games/dolls etc I have hoarded from my childhood...insane!


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