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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
intransitive verb, of a young bird : to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity

Friday, April 6, 2007

Design as a genetic defect

How to become a famous fashion designer? Well, famous in Holland, anyway. Famous among, oh, probably 20-30 sewing types in Holland? And maybe 50 in Germany? Well, lovely pets, I did this in three easy steps:

Step 1: I had a mother,
who was clothes crazy.
Step 2: I grew up
clothes crazy.
Step 3: My d
aughter is growing up crazy and clothes crazy.

How did my daughter, my mother and I independently ever came up with the genius to dress in dolly clothes? At age three? Such prodigy. My mother chose to where her doll dress on her head; a very apropos look I found, as well. Both my daughter and I liked the doll clothes as cuffs, especially combined with sunglasses.

Perhaps they'll find something on the human genome, probably a tiny string of nucleotide that spells out GABBANA. I would suspect they would want to genetically engineer that out of the human gene pool.
In the meantime, what have I learned in all my years of being clothes crazy? Sunglasses and a good bag will fix any outfit.

You mad scientist types, Keep an eye out for this one:
G = guanine

A = adenine

B = G T C (all but A)

B = G T C (all but A)
A = adenine
N = A G C T (any)

A = adenine


Nic said...

Auch ohne kurze, häusliche Gen-Sequenzanlayse kann ich sagen, DEN Chromosomenabschnitt nenne ich wohl auch mein Eigen... und ich habe ihn ebenfalls an die nächste Generation weitergegeben...

Auf jeden Fall ist das KEINE "junk DNA"!!! ;o)

GLG, Nic

Christine said...

Wouldn´t that be a real challenge for some genetics researchers ? Cloning the sense for fashion would be worth it !! Definitely a better assignment than cloning animals ;O)

Love, Chris


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