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Monday, June 29, 2009

WINONA-Wrapping up!

At this time, I turn one pant leg inside out and stuff the pant leg turned right side out into the pant leg turned inside out. I align the crotch and stitch, finish and topstitch the seam.

The apron is comprised of three pieces of material: One front piece you see, a lining for the front and the back piece of the apron.

The front apron piece and the front lining piece are stitched just around the round pocket openings, right sides together. The pieces are turned, pressed and edgestitched along these curved pocket openings. I think I edgestitched twice, once at 3 mm and once at 6 mm, around each pocket opening.

Because the back of the apron may peek out a bit, it is nice to use a material that has an attractive reverse side. This olive drab nylon has a nice reverse side, so it's all good. At this time, I stitch the front of the apron front+lining piece to the back apron piece, right sides together. I finish this seam with an overcast stitch, turn the apron and press the seam. I edgestitch all along this seam at 3 mm.

The apron piece I attach to the pant legs right at the seam allowance.

I did not take any photos of making the waistband! This trousers just takes an elastic casing waistband and goes on something like this. Yeah, I'm not much of an illustrator, but I hope you get the idea.

The strip of waistband material is stitched together at the short ends to form a ring. However, a small gap is left on one half of this stitching line for inserting the elastic.

This ring is stitched to the waistband edge right sides together. The waistband is flipped up, so the right side is seen from the front and pressed. The waistband is pinned to the waist edge wrong side, on the inside of the pants. For a more finished look, this edge is tucked under again before pinning. The waistband is stitched from the right side at 3 mm from the fold edge of the initial seam. This stitching line should catch the inside of the waistband.

The top of the waistband is edgestitched at 3 mm. The elastic is inserted with the aid of a safety pin or bobkin. The elastic is cinched to the desired fit and the ends are secured with a long bar tack. The elastic is tucked into the waistband casing and the small opening is closed with a few straight stitches.

Measure one last time for length, hem the pants and I am done! (Actually, I hemmed before putting on the waistband...whatever...)

And I trimmed that silly piece of thread there...

And the reveal in front of the beloved Orange Inn café in Laguna Beach.

Thank you, Claudia, for the fun, funky and easy WINONA Sassy Pants!


Missy said...

super cute...the girl is adorable too!

Claudia said...

gern geschehen liebe nancy,
deine creation ist der oberhammer.

Lola Nova said...

Oh for heavens sake! Take a weekend away from the internet eye to build a chicken coop... and miss all the action over here.

Well, I will have to sew along in the archives. Suits me fine. The day is too brilliant for basement sewing anyhow. Thanks for the guide, can't wait to try.

Gorgeous pants, beautiful California! (The man in the Vans makes me miss Santa Cruz.)

tonihamel said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I need to make these ASAP! LOL! LOVE them!


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