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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The MIKA-Busters

The new dress is so close. So close and, yet, so far. I'm wiping out on the shoulder. Just like Jack here.

So I'm up for a distraction. As it so happens, there's something more productive than practicing cappuccino art for a distraction for me right now: The Wondermommy Melissa volunteered to do a sew-along for MIKA on her Wondermommy blog. (You're so awesome, Melissa. Thank you.) Melissa has done some very helpful and thorough sew-alongs for the strip-work flared trousers PAULA and the classic pinafore MARIEKE. And she's finishing up a ZOË right now. And then she'll move on to MIKA. PAULA, MARIEKE, ZOË: all good. But MIKA? 


MIKA is printed in German, for one thing, and, for another, when you open the pattern sheet, you might think, "Trousers," but you could just as easily think, "Blue prints for an Imperial Star Destroyer". And then there's that whole zipper fly thing. So there are challenges.

I'm going to do this MIKA along with Melissa. Melissa and I are going to be sewing-along in duet (I'll start: "Sew, sew, sew your MIKA, gently 'round the crotch seam..."). I think this will be kinda cool. You'll be able to see two different people sewing the same thing. There's probably something we can all learn when looking at something from different perspectives. I've never sewn MIKA, so this will also be new for me as well. And if you want to sew along on your blog, lemme know! And if I do anything wrong, also let me know, because that will be the first time ever that I will have done something wrong. Ever. The sew-along will be a little bit every day. Not everything all at once.

As with all these patterns, there are often several ways to construct them. This is just one suggested method. Please use your preferred methods.

MIKA has a few great things about it, and it will be worth your time. First, MIKA offers two variations, one for boys and one for girls. And it's not just the pocket details that are gender specific. News flash: Boys and girls are different. They are even built differently. As such, MIKA offers gender specific pieces for gender specific specifics. MIKA also has a lot of piecing, allowing you to release your inner Mix-Meister. And, another bonus, after all our hard work, the styling of MIKA will look great this year at full-length and next year at high-water or Capri length.

As a first step, I've translated the names of the pattern pieces.         

1. Front Pant Leg Panel & Fly Piece (Girls')
2. Pant Front Upper Corner
3. Pant Leg Front Middle (Girls')
4. Pant Leg Front Lower (Girls')
5. Front Pant Pocket (Girls')
6. Pant Leg Back Upper (Girls')
7. Pant Leg Back Middle (Girls')
8. Pant Leg Back Lower (Girls')
9. Rear Pocket (Girls')
10. Cuff
11. Waistband
12.Front Pant Leg Panel & Fly Piece (Boys')
13. Pant Leg Front Middle (Boys')
14. Front Pant Pocket (Boys')                                                       
15. Pant Leg Back Upper (Boys')
16. Pant Leg Back Middle (Boys')
17. Rear Pocket (Boys')
18. Side Pocket (Boys')
19. Pocket Flap

I'd suggest writing the piece names right on the pattern sheet. And maybe you'll learn the German word along the way...impress your friends and neighbors when you say "FOR-deh HO-zeh TA-sheh".

The Boys' rise is cut a bit differently than the Girls', so please select the pieces accordingly. The Boys' details, such as the pockets, have straighter edges and are larger, compared to the girls' more rounded, smaller accents. 

So, let's have at it!


Anonymous said...

Welch' ein Zufall....habe gerade gestern meine erste Mika zugeschnitten und schon Teile zusammengenäht. Mir hat das gleich so gut gefallen, dass wohl für meine anderen Kinder auch noch Mikas folgen werden.
Liebe Grüße

wondermommy said...

Thanks so much for doing this with me! I'm so scared of messing this one up :) But, together...I think we can get through it.

Melissa said...

I just got my pattern from Mellissa (Wondermommy) on Monday so I'm ready to get rolling! :-)

Amy Badskirt said...

My pattern arrived today and I'm happy to join you in delightful sewing fun. I've never sewn any children's clothing before, let alone in german!


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