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Old English flEogan to fly -- more at FLY
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Monday, September 29, 2008


I cut the waistband a bit longer than indicated on the pattern sheet. Cutting shorter is much easier than cutting longer. I finish all edges, press the short ends in about 1/4 inch and press the waistband in half lengthwise. I topstitch at 1/8 inch along the pressed fold.

I remember to add a little bit of fusible interfacing where the buttons or snaps will be attached later on for strength. I begin pinning one long edge of the waistband to the waist edge of the pants. I begin pinning at the underside of the zipper fly.

I stitch that half of the waistband to the trousers, fold up and press the seam into the waistband.
I plan to insert a bit of elastic along the back of the waistband. To do so, I pin the other long edge of the waistband only along the back of the trousers. I tuck the edge of the waistband under for a clean finish.

For good measure, I mark at the right and left outseams where the elastic will be stitched in place.

I stitch the lower edge of the waistband, outseam to outseam. Then I stitch a line between the top topstitching line and the line I just stitched to form two casings, marked line to marked line.
With the help of a safety pin, I insert the elastic into the two casings.
I secure the elastic with pins at one end and stitch to secure the elastic in place in the casings. I trim any excess elastic at this end.

At the other end of the casings, I cinch the material over the elastic to the desired fit.
I pin the elastic in place and stitch along the marked line to secure the elastic.

I trim the excess elastic.
On the left and right sides of the waistband, I tuck under the lower edge, pin and stitch. I also stitch at 1/8 inch the short ends of the waistband.

I'm lazy today and choose snaps for a closure.

That was the waistband! I think bigger girls will appreciate the zipper fly. Looks more grown up. These little ones still need that elastic, though, and that bit across the back helps.

I've also hemmed the WANDA Fancy Pants, laced the ribbons through the grommets and these trousers are complete!

Let's see if Mademoiselle is in the mood for a little modeling later.


willow and moo said...

Oh these models are so temperamental! Well, at least mine is! Can't wait to see the Wanda pants.

lissilulu said...

Can't wait to see them. :o)

hmmm..bigger girls appreciate zippers in pants must be why I dont make pants for bigger girls. LOL!
Love yours though!


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