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Monday, September 22, 2008

MIKA Test Drive

So, what do I think? My MIKA is a little higher waisted than I expected. But that's a good thing, because kids have a tendency to do things like this...

... and this ...

The trousers have a straight-leg pant leg, which will fit over boots, but also not get too much in the way, for example, when riding a bike (rolling up that one trouser leg is still always a good idea). Just a terrific everyday pair of pants for going to school, climbing trees, riding scooters, and attacking older brothers. Two thumbs up!

My favorite detail is the front pockets. I also like the many possibilities for mixing fabrics. The piecing was accurate, so that even though there was some puzzling to do, I had little to no trimming to make things fit.

Next time, I would choose a different topstitching thread, one that isn't so thick. I like the color of the topstitching thread, but it just doesn't work for making bar tacks.

FYI: MIKA Trousers for Boys and Girls from Farbenmix; ANTONIA Mix and Match Shirt from Farbenmix; Iron-On velours and decorative ribbons in Luziapimpinella and Paulapü design from Farbenmix. Campan striped knit available from BanberryPlace and BunteFabrics.


Sarah said...

I love it! I have to admit, I wasn't sure what I thought of it as I watched it come together. But finished, and in action? It's lovely (not as lovely as your girl, though!)

Unfortunately, at the moment there is a pants boycott going on in our household -- but I will definitely be keeping Mika on my "someday" list for when the boycott ends!

wondermommy said...

Your pants turned out perfectly. Now, let's hope mine turn out half as well.

I really wouldn't have been able to even attempt this pattern without your help. You put so much work into this sew-a-long and all of us thank you!

♥ Vera said...

Wow Nancy,
das ist wirklich ein Traumteil geworden,tolle Bider samt dem Kletteräffchen.Super wie du jeden Tag bei der Entstehung hast teilhaben lassen!!!
VLG Vera

lissilulu said...

Love how it all came together :o)

Great tree climber


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